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Revenge “Is it really sweet”?

Revenge “Is it really sweet”?
People often remain in anger until they evoke some form of revenge on the person who has hurt or offended them. Thoughts of revenge occur because we may dislike something or someone has hurt or offended us badly. Do people really consider the consequences of their revenge?

Planetary positions play a key role in identifying people with a vindictive nature. The weakness of Sun in a person’s chart can show the potential of someone going to jail. The combination of planets with Rahu and Ketu in a person’s chart can influence someone to do huge sins during anger. If negative planets are in placement with Moon during certain transits, this could potentially afflict a person’s reasoning. The 11th house plays a key role to identify the outcome after acts of revenge.
If there is the placement of more than one planet in the 11th house and the 11th house is damaged then one will potentially go to any extent during anger. As in my earlier article, I explained about how …

Why "Vedic Astrology" is equal to success?

Firstly, it is important to understand that Vedic (Indian) Astrology is not the same as Western Astrology in that Vedic astrology evaluates a person’s horoscope by their Moon sign and not their Sun sign. At the time and location of your birth, the planets were in certain positions in the sky. When we apply these planetary positions to the Vedic chart, it will then offer a map and points of reference specific to you. A person who was born in the same exact location and time will not have an identical chart, life, or expectations as yours because, in Vedic Astrology, we also use Nakshatras. Nakshatras tell us the level or strength of each placement according to their Pada. I use the North Indian mode of Astrology versus the South Indian mode. Your Vedic chart will look nothing like a Western astrology chart, so please do not compare them if you have a Western chart that you refer to. 
I start with your Lagna chart which is your birth chart. This chart gives a general overview of your p…

Are you an empath?

What does an empath mean? I was doing some interesting research regarding empathy. Do you think you or someone you know is empathy?  Here is a method by which astrology can determine if you are or not. An empathy is mostly denominated by their "Moon placement". We often make a big mistake in asserting we or someone we know is an empathy. Mostly we determine this by when we see a person, who is highly sensitive or has great intuitive powers. Maybe he or she can help others to change other’s moods etc; these are commonly regarded as traits of an empathy. It’s easy to see if someone is truly empathy by checking his or her moon placement. Empathy and sensitivity are two different things. Conclusion "If Moon is in water sign, like Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio and its degree placement is critically sensitive than the person is termed as an “Empathy". If you would like your horoscope analysis I then you can book an appointment with me as always. Disclaimer: Astrologers are hum…

Stop Smoking!

Stop Smoking! 
As we all know, smoking kills. We somehow forget this when we smoke. Some even become addicted to smoke, which is the worse things for any human being. It's not easy to stop smoking or any form of addiction as our body gets used to with the activities and we become weak from inside. Let's stop smoking.
The Moon which controls one's emotions and habits is the biggest reason which makes one addicted. Today let's take an oath to control it, as it is for you who are reading here or for someone who is a dear one for you. We need to watch the placement of Moon and the best time when Moon become weak is the time of "Waning Moon". Now if we know the placement of Saturn and the time Saturn makes an angle in one horoscope via "degree transit" this best time to quit smoking.
If you need to control or quit smoking you need to find the placement of Saturn Transit with Waning Moon as Saturn is a planet which is known for Judgment and th…

"Are you feeling the change" as Jupiter enters Libra sign on 12th September 2017

Jupiter enters Libra on the 12th of September 2017 and will become retrograde on the 09th March 2018 where it will remain retrograde until the 11th July 2018 (04 months) after that, it will again continue to be direct and will move in Libra sign until the 11th October 2018.  This one-year movement where it will aspect Libra sign, will last for 09 months and the remaining 4 months Jupiter will remain retrograde and keep again a very close eye on Virgo sign again.

Here we need to look into the very interesting table of planets which defines different planet’s friends and enemies. Table Planets / Sign Lords Friendly Planets Neutral Planets Enemy Planets Sun rules Leo sign Moon, Mars & Jupiter Mercury Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu Moon rules Cancer Sign Sun, Mars & Jupiter Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu Moon is not an enemy to any other planet. Mars rules Aries & Scorpio sign Sun, Moon & Jupiter

Horoscope and You

Horoscope & You

There are a total of 12 houses in each horoscope and each house has an important aspect which deals with our life and they are as follows:
1) The 1st house is our Ascendant or Lagna which represents our body and one's personality. 2) The 2nd house is known for speech and wealth.
3)The 3rd house is related to one’s courage and siblings.
4)The 4th house is related to one’s home, luxury life, and mother 
5)The 5th house is related to intelligence level, education, and children 
6)The 6th house deals with enemies and issues. 
7)The 7th house relates to our life partner, partnership, desires etc.
8)The 8th house deals with the longevity and vulnerability of a native.  9)The 9th house is related to religion, luck, and ethics.  10)The 10th house is related to the profession, father government sector, and reputation. 11)The 11th house is related gains and Income, speculation gains. 
12)The 12th house is related to expenditures and foreign connection. 

To live a better and peaceful …