Sunday, 14 July 2019

Dreams or Illusions? Where do you stand in reality?

Dreams or Illusions? Where do you stand in reality?

Hi everyone,

This is my first article almost after four months and I really missed writing. I hope everyone had a wonderful time in between.

As an individual, I can stop writing but planets will never stop. I know many changes already happened this year which were significant, and many new changes will happen in the future. I will try my best to cover most of them.
We, humans, have a bad tendency to criticize our own people on their mistakes but do we truly consider the underlying issue causing the problems and issues?

I must admit that every individual has a desire or dream for a better future. There is one thing that makes a difference when we daydream or conjure grandiose illusions to our thoughts. It is good to dream for a better future but how much it can correlate with reality should be analyzed well in advance.

In every horoscope, there are some good and bad planets. North Node of the Moon known as Rahu (Vedic term) is the one which causes illusions. One can experience serious desires which can't be fulfilled with certain resources or reality.

Such desires can touch their peak when Rahu is accompanied with Venus.  The planet Venus signifies beauty and luxuries. Venus brings all kind of worldly desires which are often out of one’s reach and many times it becomes difficult to turn them into a reality.

Few important points which can make such combination:

1. Firstly, much depends on Rahu’s placement in one ‘s horoscope. It gives neutral to positive results if placed in the 1st, 6th, 9th, or 11th, house. Whatever the state of Rahu is, good or bad, if placed in the houses then bad results won't happen as it loses all its negativity. If Rahu is placed in other houses other than those mentioned above, then illusions and wishful thinking can occur.

2 Rahu’s main transit lasts for 18 years and 7 months. It can bring negative impacts if Rahu has an unfriendly combination with another planet during its transit. If it is combined with another planet which is negatively impacting you, then Rahu will act as a steroid for that planet and increase its power.

3. Placement of the Moon can bring negative emotions. Combined with Rahu can increase the negative influence on it. Due to Rahu, the Moon becomes weak and can give undesirable thought processes, daydreaming or some kind of fear.

4. Negative Mercury and Jupiter in one’s horoscope and their connection with Rahu in any form can create such desires.

Conclusion: It is important to mention that Rahu doesn’t bring negative results in every horoscope. It is generally considered an evil mind but, in some cases,, it acts as a win-win situation. All politicians, celebrities, foreign traders, stock markets traders, bureaucrats, gamblers, dealers, etc. enjoy the positive effects of Rahu in their horoscope.

To dream for a better future is never considered as a sin but to dream with closed eyes won’t bring success. Many combinations can arise between Rahu as it is based on permutation and combination approach and mentioning each above are not possible as they vary with every horoscope.

An astrologer is only a human being and not a God.
We can certainly, know about the planetary movements and can get certain clues to guide us.  Thus, I try to enlighten and guide people, using astrological skills to the best of my knowledge.   If you are reading my article and are looking for such types of guidance, please book an appointment with me. Email me your queries and we will take it from there!

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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Venus walks near to Saturn on 18 Feb 2019

What’s in store for us? 
It is better to take timely action as planet Venus can take away your peace of mind during its conjunction with planet Saturn.

As we know that planet Venus rules luxuries, love life, beauty, fashion, relationships etc whereas planet Saturn is a much-disciplined planet which follows ethics and morals.

Degree concept:
It is important to understand the degree concept before analyzing any horoscope. Whenever there is any conjunction then degree plays an important role while analyzing the impact.

Saturn – Venus: The planet with the lowest degree influence and dominate another planet. If planet Saturn is placed with the lower degree then it will influence and dominate planet Venus.
If Saturn is placed with the lowest degree in your horoscope then this conjunction will bring discipline in your actions. If you were facing conflicts in your love life then it is your chance to solve pending disputes/issues.
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Venus – Saturn: Here I assume that Venus is marked with the lowest degree in your horoscope comparing to planet Saturn. As already explained above that Venus is a planet of love, relationship etc. This change will only create issues in your life. The change is negatively poised, and you can be caught with cheating. Any kind of extramarital affairs can come into limelight. There are chances of getting defamation with or without reasons. Those who are into a trade or business related to planet Venus must maintain an extra caution for the next few weeks.      
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An astrologer is only a human being and not a God.

We can certainly know about the planetary movements and can get certain clues to guide us.  Thus, I try to enlighten and guide people, using astrological skills to the best of my knowledge.   If you are reading my article and are looking for such types of guidance, please book an appointment with me. Email me your queries and we will take it from there!

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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Are they cheating? OH NO.....................................

We are human beings and we have a tendency to believe others. Sometimes, believing others can have a severe cost and damage in one's life as a result of cheating.

Cheating can happen online or offline. It can be done for the sake of money, love, or for various other reasons.

These days, we hear so much about online frauds. The scammers are also active in a manner that they can hurt anybody to any extent causing monetary, personal or social losses. 

There are many cases where one spouse ditches his / her partner because of extramarital affairs, business or social frauds which can have such detrimental effects.
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We must not forget the concept of ‘Karma’ when dealing with such matters: It is a great law; "As you sow, so shall you reap". This is also known as the "Law of Cause and Effect". - Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. - If we want Happiness, Peace, Love, and Friendship, then we should be Happy, Peaceful, Loving and a True Friend.

The pain is real but we should heal from it as soon as possible.  
There are 12 houses in one’s horoscope. The houses from 1 to 6 are based on an individual and have all the properties which need to be analyzed for an internal purpose. From the 7th house onwards (especially the 7th house itself) mainly dictates the terms of cheating or fraud. One can either cheat or can be the victim of some kind of fraud.

Why is the 7th house very important to analyze?

Those who possess knowledge regarding Vedic astrology, should focus on the house no. 7 to analyze the point of marriage or relationships. The real definition for this house is as below:

The seventh house has pervasively legal and social bondages. It can be a business contract, marriage, or various other facets of society, and even foreign trades - gains and losses.

The Moon
The Moon which is our mind and heart, plays a pivotal role in analyzing the aspect of cheating. Who can be cheated? An impacted person in any manner, unfortunately, cannot see the real world and its reality. If the Moon is weak in any horoscope then the person can easily be cheated by fraudsters.

The possible reasons:

1.    When the Moon or Venus get afflicted by Rahu (North Node). Rahu which is an evil entity, can inversely impact the Moon and/or Venus which raises the chances of cheating where a person can come under the influence of someone who holds ill thoughts or ill-will. In turn, it can cause cheating between lovers, business partners or social media identities, etc.

2.    If Rahu is placed in the 7th house, then one can either become a cheater or victim or both. It all depends on the placement of this house and according to the degrees, one can analyze the impact.

3.  Moon or Venus in conjunction with Saturn can cause an extramarital affair in a relationship or marriage leading to some displeasure in domestic life BUT, the pros and cons can be limited because planet Saturn is a Karmic planet and in some cases, it can give the right knowledge at the right time.

4.    Lastly, if the lords of 7th house afflict with Rahu or have any close contact with Rahu in any house of the horoscope then the person becomes prone to cheating.

The danger to be cheated via online frauds:

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Cheating has taken on a new meaning in this “tech era”.  This is a time of social media and people can cheat very easily though apps such as Instagram, What’s App, Facebook, bumble/dating apps and websites, Snapchat, etc. 
The possible chances which can arise from an individual horoscope where we can check for online fraud are as follows:

1. The Moon: As already defined above, the Moon portrays our mind and heart and it’s weakness can play a critical role. 

2. Mercury: When we speak about technology and online frauds then we are talking about planet Mercury. It is a planet which rules communication, satellites, technology etc. It has been observed that in the majority of horoscopes, planet Mercury remains combust. This is because due to closeness with the Sun. But few triggers can really create the chances of online frauds. It is important to mention that mercury is treated as a child in Vedic astrology and it usually behaves the way it is being commanded by another planet.  If Mercury is influenced either by Jupiter or Mars and in 7th house then one can be cheated and can become a victim of online frauds. This type of cheating can be monetary or social in nature. Most hackers have some influence on mercury with Jupiter. If Mercury is placed with Mars then one can be cheated via an online love saga. If by any chance Sun, Mercury, and Mars are placed together then there are high chances of heartbreaks. 

Teaching about astrology

It is important to understand that astrology is like a Google map and the path can be shown but the actual act of driving- depends on us.
I have met many people who look for immediate relief or miracles. The matter of fact is - whenever we are under a bad phase then things usually won’t improve overnight.

There are certain remedies which can be helpful but many of us look for overnight results. All remedies are based on planetary positions and it's our Karma from the past which causes such bad results in our current phase and no astrologer or guru can change anyone’s past.

These remedies can give a bit of relief in hard times and if the time is good and we are in a better phase, then doing such remedies can bring a lot of good luck.

From my past experience, I can say only a handful of people do remedies and very few of them continue for these remedies for longer periods. I will say that we are humans and it is natural to be anxious. We live with disbelief that nothing good can happen and we are doing remedies just for the sake of doing it. It is our greed that wants an overnight result in order to earn a good livelihood.  

I refer to “greed,” as a term of benefits which one can expect in a hard phase. He or she starts thinking in terms of three words generally: I, ME and MYSELF. If any remedy is done with certain wishful greed and for self-benefits with an intention of overnight changes, then nothing good will happen to us ever and we will end up blaming an astrologer!  Love yourself but do not forget that blaming is also a kind of sin which we commit without any knowledge, causing bad karmic consequences ultimately.

An astrologer is only a human being and not a God.
We can certainly know about the planetary movements and can get certain clues to guide us.  Thus, I try to enlighten and guide people, using astrological skills to the best of my knowledge.   If you are reading my article and are looking for such types of guidance, please book an appointment with me. Email me your queries and we will take it from there!

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Sunday, 9 December 2018

Is recession or great depression on cards?

Is recession or great depression on cards?
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Whenever we hear about recession or depression then we usually come under immense fear. Awareness can eliminate any kind of uncertainties and can make us strong to overcome from the uncertain events as well.

I believe that greatness is not about writing great articles but the real greatness is about creating awareness and making people aware of what can happen in the future course of time. 

I am not the God and it is not necessary that whatever I am quoting will become a reality but it is imminent to mention that I see a great chance that the world is heading for a great recession or depression, something similar which happened in the year 1929-1932.

When for the very first time I mentioned this at my Facebook account on the 09 November 2018, I immediately got a panic reaction from many of my friends and relatives.

If you are the one who is now reading my article then I will suggest you mark 2019 as the year of caution. The year 2019, will going to be a year for planet Jupiter.

Some can argue that this is something not new and this cycle repeats in every nine-year time frame. It happened before and it will happen again in the future.

Here it is important to mention that there is an exception in the planetary movements which is happening now. This may make a case for the recession or a big depression.

I would like to relate the year 2019 with the year 1929 as under:

Ø Jupiter: There are many similarities when we compare the year 2019 with the year 1929. The very first and major similarity here is planet Jupiter as mentioned. Planet Jupiter represents economic expansion and growth but sometimes when there are worse situation then it can also become one of the reasons for the starting phase of de-growth and crisis. It is important to mark the retrogression date which will play a critical role in the upcoming crisis.

Ø Saturn and Ketu (South node): There is a saying in Vedic astrology that the south node follows the movement of planet Saturn. They're going to be big movements in all aspects and Ketu will enter in Sagittarius sign in March 2019. The sign is ruled by planet Jupiter which going to get worse impact because Ketu will accompany planet Saturn. The south node “Ketu” which is also known to rule financial activities will remain very close with planet Saturn which goes into retrogression in April 2019 to September 2019. As both Saturn and Ketu will remain close for the most part in the year 2019, this can negatively impact the energy of planet Jupiter as well as entire Sagittarius zodiac sign leading to uncertainties globally.  We all know how world central banks are behaving right now with the rates and the way bond yields are moving, it will get worse in this phase. This will ultimately reduce the liquidity leading to the crisis. But the best part here will be an investment in safe asset Gold which can yield great profits. Everyone knows that Gold and US dollar are negatively correlated where they move in the opposite direction. So this can be the area to keep an eye. Most people relate Silver to Gold as the prices move simultaneously. No doubt the prices for silver can move upwards but if there are going to be a liquidity crisis then Silver demand will get a hit and it won’t give many returns comparing to Gold. The entire movement can be expected in the second half of the year and most probably after September 2019 even for the recession.  

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Ø Rahu (North Node): The reason I am bringing the north node or Rahu, in the end, is because this is a real reason for the crisis which the world may witness either at the end of the year 2019 or very good chances of the same from the year 2020.  The year 2020 will be a year of Rahu and in March 2019, Rahu will move to Gemini sign which is ruled by planet Mercury. There are very few people who are aware of Jupiter and Mercury relationship and why both of them are enemy to each other. The movement of Rahu will increase the enmity between both of them. As planet Mercury is known to get influenced by another planet and it will lose all its powers in the year leading to communication tussles between global leaders which can increase the chances of trade wars that can impact the world.

I would like to bring in everyone notice that in the year 1930 where Rahu was placed in Pisces sign which was ruled by planet Jupiter and Ketu was placed in Virgo sign which was a sign ruled by planet Mercury. The crisis started from 04 Sep 1929 which was the day for the south node “Ketu” and the year 1929 was the year for planet Jupiter.

This time the crisis can initiate because of Rahu whereas Ketu with Saturn can accelerate it pace to destroy the powers of planet Jupiter, which can impact the world. I see the only reason for the tussle between global leaders which is leading to trade wars is the negative retrogression of Rahu and Ketu right now and things going to take a worse mode next year and so on.

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The entire concept is based on a study and there is no intention to hurt or increase any fear in anyone’s life. I am only a human being and not God. I wish and pray that I can go wrong and nothing such things happen. I can say we can try to take precautions in our life and can use the contents of the blog as a precautionary measure to avoid anything if it is coming. Planning won’t cost us anything.

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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Your Moon Sign Element

Your Moon Sign Element

Here is just a quick rundown of the elements associated with each moon sign. Elements are important because they can dictate how we will interact with others and our surroundings. Keep in mind that each birth chart can have a predominant element in one’s chart. For example, someone who has the majority of their planets in a certain house can render that person to have traits of a specific element.

The four elements are as follows: Fire Earth Air & Water. Naturally, each sign takes on an element. To understand better, consider how elements interact with each other. Water and earth, for example, are compatible. The earth needs water to develop and flourish, but too much water can also destroy the earth. Water is dominant over the earth as it can give or not at all. In return, earth gives water a place. Consider the interaction of fire an air. Fire uses air to grow and flourish but too much and the fire will grow too large. Not enough air and it dies. These can be very exciting relationships, but they can die out just as quickly. These are just examples.

Like elements fire with fire, air with air etc will give relationships where people understand each other. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are 100% compatible, but they will understand each other’s quirks and philosophies, come what may.

So let’s begin!

Aries is considered a fire sign. Aries Moon sign people have the potential for a quick temper. They are typically natural leaders and can do well in positions of military or police. They enjoy travel and tend to react quickly and sometimes without thinking. They have great imaginations but of all signs, they face many quarrels.

Taurus is an earth sign. Taurus signs are sensitive and attentive to their appearance. They can be stubborn and possessive, especially of family members and loved ones. They can also be very generous to those who they are closest to and love.

Gemini is an air sign. Geminis are very creative and artistic. They have a darker side to their personality and enjoy unusual subjects and philosophies. They are prone to try just about anything once. They are also prone to addiction. I’ve seen where many of the female Geminis have been taken advantage of by male family members, and many are very lovely.

Cancer is a water sign. Cancer is a meticulous sign and usually quite close to their mother or whoever is the mother role in their life. They enjoy the social scene and luxurious things. They have the tendency to expect a lot from others and can make good lifelong friends.

Leo is a fire sign. Leos are natural leaders and very creative. They won’t stand anyone showing authority to them and are very devoted to their families. They have the natural tendency to be perceived as Queens and Kings in society and to be treated accordingly.

Virgo is an Earth sign. Virgos are dedicated to whatever task they pursue and very meticulous in what matters to them most. They can have the tendency to be internally nervous which leads to digestive issues. They articulate well but sometimes internalize too much information.

Libra is an air sign. Libras are wonderful in writing, poetry and enjoy luxury and beauty in their environment. Romance and Sex is important to this sign. They have a tendency to be manipulative to get what they want – if they want it bad enough.

Scorpio is a water sign. Scorpios are very secretive and can appear superficial to those who don’t really know them. They can size up a person within minutes and are quite stubborn in their opinions. They can be your best friend or worst enemy.

Sagittarius is a fire sign. They really love to travel and socialize. They are the least judgmental of the human- race and will befriend people from all walks of life. They do have a stubborn streak and will run from a relationship if they feel the least bit slighted.

Capricorn is an earth sign and these people work like no other. Sometimes they seem unapproachable and can be difficult to please. They also tend to be jealous and mistrustful. They are very dedicated, enjoy tradition and can be nostalgic.

Aquarius is an air sign. Aquarians are flashy and enjoy notoriety. Like Gemini, they can be manipulative and quite emotional. Especially when things are not going their way. They also run a risk of addiction. They think quickly and have a sweet nature.
Pisces is a water sign. Pisceans are usually very creative in whatever medium they enjoy. They are usually frank in their words and usually work best for themselves. Their love for family is usually quite deep to the point of suffocation.

Fire element: People, who have a majority of fire in their chart, are usually people who love to travel and try new things. They are usually quite active and have a “wanderlust” personality. They do not enjoy feeling confined by people or their surroundings. They can be disorganized.

Earth element: People, who have a majority of Earth in their chart, are usually very dedicated workers and appreciate the finer things in life. They often put work ahead of all things which can make their loved ones feel neglected. They can be bossy and unforgiving.

Air element: People who have a majority of air in their chart are usually very creative, artistic and enjoy the best of material things. They are usually very social but again, they can be manipulative.

Water element: People with a majority of water element are very deep in emotion and creativity. They nourish those who they love, but that same love can also suffocate those around them.

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Elections 2018

Elections 2018


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As we all know, the USA will witness it’s midterm elections on the06th Nov 2018 and the entire world is eagerly waiting to watch the outcome because this can decide the road ahead for the POTUS.

I will start my article by saying a one-liner about president Trump: “You may love him or hate him but you can’t ignore him”.

Initially, when I started covering the USA elections late in the year 2015, and the moment I predicated president Trump’s victory, I received a huge response and mostly it was negative but the fact here is astrology always favors the right stance, not any individual.

As far as November 2018 is concerned, it becomes important to understand the date of foundation for the two existing largest parties in the states to analyze the results. The details are as follow:-

Ø Democratic Party – 12th May 1792 – Here it is important to know the destiny number which is number 03 and radical number which is number 09.

Ø Republican Party – 06th July 1854 – As mentioned above the about the destiny number and radical number, here the numbers are 06 and 04.

Ø President Trump - 14th June 1946 – As again, the destiny number and the radical number for president Trump are number 05 and 04.  

Ø USA midterm elections – 06th Nov 2018 – It is very important to analyse the event date for any outcome. The destiny numbers, as well as a radical number for the day, are number 06 and 01.

                                                           source internet 

As mentioned above, it becomes important to judge the planetary movements for the 06th Nov 2018.

Planets placement and their degrees
The Sun transits in Libra sign at 25:55 degrees.
The Moon transits in Libra sign at 12:38 degrees.
Planet Mars transits in Aquarius sign at 00:46 degrees.
Planet Mercury transits in Scorpio sign at 13:35 degrees.
Planet Jupiter transits in Scorpio sign at 05:32 degrees.
Planet Saturn transits in Sagittarius sign at 11:19 degrees.
Planet Venus transits in Scorpio sign at 02:54 degrees.
Rahu (North node of the Moon) transits in Cancer sign at 06:21 degrees.
Ketu (South node of the Moon) transits in Capricorn sign at 06:21 degrees.

It is necessary to analyze the horoscope of President Trump, who is acting as a face for the Republican party. Below is an outcome based on numerology for the current events:-

1.    After analysing the strength and weakness for the event day, I figured out the weak placement of the Moon. The key planets which will decide the outcome are – the Sun, the Moon, planet Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Rahu (North Node of the Moon). 
2.    Due to the placement of Rahu, in the house of strength and courage where it is eyeing the house of enemies. Due to such placement and the weakness of the Moon, it increases the strength for the Democratic party.
3.    The strong placement for planet Jupiter which favors the Democrats and the same is very negative for the Republican Party.
4.    The placement of planet Venus in retrogression mode and in the enemy sign where planet Mars as well planet Jupiter are actively bringing negative surprises for the Republican party.

5.    As there is a saying that good thing comes in the end and this time it is for the Democratic party. Due to the placement of the Sun on 06th Nov 2018, where it is making a powerful yoga in terms of all positive outcome for the Democrats. Also due to the weakness of planet Venus which is retrogression and Neech Bang yoga for the Sun, will  play a deciding factor for this event in favour of the Democrats.  

                                                                  source internet 

It is anticipated that the outcome will go in favour for the Democrats. I will share how the things look ahead for President Trump in the year 2019 in my next article.

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DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and an astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.