Thursday, 16 August 2018

What’s in your Karma?

What’s in your Karma?                            
By: Manchanda Karan

In Hindu belief Karma plays a pivotal role in defining our birth and death cycle.  Power is in the universe which controls our birth and death process. Everything is predefined and how good or bad our life can be, depends on our karma. It is important to understand that the soul never dies.
It’s not an absolute science nor is it fact.

Furthermore, Hindu beliefs dictates humans receive liberty from life and death cycle if we have good karma. To achieve good Karma, we must pass through 840,000,000 species lives to attain human life which is the last point to achieve Moksha (peace where life and death cycle ends). Of course, this is Hindu belief, but ultimately, Hindu people believe in God.

How does one find God or live to God’s plan? 
These are tough questions to answer and I am trying to answer the same according to my personal experiences and that of others. I welcome everyone’s views.

To achieve the path to the God, I personally believe we must have a sense of humanity. If we are searching for God in temples, synagogues, mosques, churches, Gurudwara or in any holy place, then we will never achieve the path to find God. 

God lives in your heart, in my heart and every living being. God is everywhere. God is in the water air, sky and all creations. We just need to connect ourselves with the truth and humanity.

God created humans and creatures in this universe, in turn, we humans created religion. If we learn the truth behind our existence, then there is no need for religion. Everyone in this world may have different DNA but we are all human.

We all have the same heart or kidney or lungs and animals as well. This means the creator never divided us internally. The fact is we humans divided ourselves out of fear, power, greed, arrogance and ignorance. There is no heaven or hell if we achieve the path of truth and identify the fact that we all are one. Heaven and Hell is right here on earth and is totally dependent on how we choose to live our lives and how we treat other living beings. Action and reaction – cause and effect.

Ultimately, God was here before any religion was ever created including science. God merely gave humans the tools (brains, limbs, eyes ears and mouth) to create and live their lives. At what point do we as humans acknowledge our responsibilities without using religion, science, politics and ignorance to negate from our responsibilities to simply be good to each other and all of God’s creations?

What irritates me most is those who use religion like a credit card. Here, I am referring to those who go to holy places such as churches, mosques, Synagogues, Gurudwara or in any holy place seeking to repent for their sins or pray for good things to happen in their lives, then the very same go back to their daily lives repeating the same sinful behaviors. Truly a waste of time and it seems the same people are missing the point entirely.

Conversely, science can explain some of God’s creations, their functions and the beginnings of some, but not all and I believe it never will explain ‘God’. How far will science go before it has probed too far or when good intentions of helping mankind turns into hurting mankind?

As for Atheists, please prove that there is no creator before finalizing your decisions there is none. An entire planet with living humans and creatures exists including a universe science has barely yet to explain.

I often like to refer to indigenous peoples when it comes to the matter of religion and God. They had never heard of Christ, Abraham, Krishna, or Muhammad and yet they survive, respect God’s creations and realize there is a higher power. We would be hard pressed to read any news of their attempts to rule other people or impose their beliefs on others.

Praying, meditation and counseling are all good ways to address our sins and bad behavior, but these don’t necessarily correct the issues people create in their lives. What about humans who live good lives and strive to be humane, yet bad things continually happen to them? Therefore, I love astrology. Astrology addresses the physical, spiritual and psychological needs of humans without judgment or persecution. Many times, I’ve had clients contact me asking why negative situations presents themselves repeatedly in their lives, even after they have done everything to stop it?

Astrology is always fascinating when addressing questions like that and can usually point to why and how negative things began in a person’s life. A person’s birth chart can give clues about a person’s childhood, their friends, peers, family and most of all their identity and changes over time. The very things that condition them in childhood carries on into adulthood.

Of course, in Hindu belief there is Karma and there is belief that with each birth comes a karmic debt from our past life. To find that debt or to reveal the ‘Why’ certain events and situations keep occurring, we turn to astrology to resolve these questions. Sometimes when a client learns the question “why” from their birth chart, it makes it easier for them to resolve the problem.

If you are struggling with answering 'Why' certain situations repeat themselves in your life, please book an appointment with me.

Thank You,
Manchanda Karan

Wednesday, 15 August 2018



By Manchanda Karan

One type of Astrological reading I frequently run into is clients who have a loved one with an addiction or psychological issues like depression or some other psychosis. Sometimes the clients themselves will have an addiction or mental instability. As an astrologer, I can usually tell who has these issues or at the very least, the potential for addictions or psychosis simply by their chart without the client saying a word. Please refer to the link below: 
Never Give Up

I can also see the how a person is destined to die and many times if there is an issue with addictions and or psychosis, the houses and planets associated with death will go hand in hand with placements showing addictive behavior. For example, people who have addictions to food and are obese, we can then see their house of death which will show someone destined to die from heart attack, stroke or diabetes. The 6th house represents diseases, but other houses represent psychological instability.  Please refer to the link below: 

Astrology and Death 

Today I am addressing mainly mental afflictions. In some people’s charts we can see someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol then looking at their house of death and planets, we see the result of their addictions. Sometimes their death will not be their addiction, but an illness derived of the addiction. This is not one of my favorite readings to do.

I always check a person’s Moon because the Moon is the main significator of a person’s will and emotions. If afflicted, then I expect to see problems. Another example is if Moon is afflicted and placed with Rahu or Ketu and if Mercury is debilitated and sitting in its own Nakshatra. Another combination can be when the moon is afflicted and placed with either Rahu or Ketu this means it is eclipsed and within 5° which gives negative results.

Another possibility is if Rahu and Ketu are sitting in the 1st. and 7th. Axis or vice versa, and with a debilitated Mars, this is another potential sign of mental illness. Remember that Mars represents raw energy or power and it can make or break the energy and will. There are many combinations.

Planets related to mental wellness or Instability are: Moon Mercury Rahu Ketu. The houses related to mental wellness or instability are: 1st 2nd 4th 8th 12th.

The signs related to mental wellness or instability are:

Cancer -  Cancer represents emotions and will
Scorpio - Negative and sexual energy
Pisces   -  Delusions and hallucinations

Yes, we can consider the 6th house, but is more a significator of physical illness and not the mental illness. Psychosis, addiction and matters as such are not easy to manage for anyone, but knowing about the potential in advance may help as a preventative.

If you may wish to have your chart checked for any planets and looking for an in-depth analysis, then you can book an appointment as always.

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Three Months of Hell

Three Months of Hell
  By Manchanda Karan

“A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough!” – Bruce Lee
I’ll cut to the chase in this article and simply say that July through August and to the beginning of September will be difficult worldwide. First, we have Mercury in a retrograde and now it is in the “Pre- Shadow” week phase, which can be quite potent. It will intensify July 21 st. through July 24 th. and then go direct July 25 th. and July 26 th.

Overall, Mercury rules communication. This could be communication at work, home, travels, relationships and it can play havoc with the devices we use to communicate with. Mercury will be in the sign of Leo this phase, so expect to see an air of arrogance and authority in people’s tones even soft-spoken people.

It’s best to find where Mercury is transiting one’s personal chart to see a more specific idea of how Mercury may affect one specifically during this Mercury Retrograde. It’s been said never to marry, sign contracts or start new projects during Mercury retrograde, but it is a great time end old contracts, legal disputes etc. My best advice overall is for people to stay calm, not react, take no offense no matter how enticing a debate or argument may be. Keep in mind the media is also ruled by Mercury, and the media can be quite influential when inspiring opinions.

And now for the Lunar Eclipse.

On July 27 th. we will be experiencing a Lunar eclipse and from that point forward I am expecting to see chaos worldwide. Earthquakes, Tsunamis and unusually hot weather and fires. Terrorist activities may be on an increase again and riots may occur over political opposition worldwide. We may anticipate seeing families fighting, and of course the stock market will fall. Female politicians will be exposed for dishonesty and President Trump will of course experience more difficulties, but he will survive it. I would say arrogance and dishonesty will be deal breakers for many. Emotions will run high at times.

The Lunar eclipse is not the phase responsible for this, as Mars will also be in retrograde and of course let’s not forget Mercury is also actively in retrograde. Mars represents raw unharnessed energy and in a negative phase, it will cause people to say and do things without thinking resulting in chaos, arguments and fights. Pair this phase with Mercury retrograde and it’s a ticking time bomb for irrationality.  Again, it’s ideal to see where Mars is also transiting in one’s chart.

If you may wish to have your chart checked for any planets and looking for in-depth analysis, then you can book an appointment as always.

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Manchanda Karan
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Saturday, 14 July 2018

Debilitated and Exalted Planets

Debilitated and Exalted Planets
 By Manchanda Karan

Debilitated and exalted planets are another step in determining the overall disposition of a horoscope. An exalted planet merely means a planet is in a sign that is close in nature and the planet(s) receives 100% energy from the placement. Debilitated planets mean the opposite, and that the planet(s) loses its energy or benefic properties. One or more planets can be exalted or debilitated.

In my previous article, I explained what combusted planets are and now we will explain an additional step all astrologers must consider – Debilitated and Exalted planets. In Vedic astrology, we refer to exalted or debilitated planets as ‘Rashis’ (Rah-Shee). Unlike combustions, exalted and debilitated planets must be at a specific degree and sign to be considered exalted or debilitated.

Remember that there are 12 houses and 1 sign per a house. One or more planets can be with a sign in one house, and the time of birth will determine which house a sign is placed in. Sometimes there will no planets in a house, but there will always be a sign in each house.

As an example, let’s look at the Sun. It’s very important to check the placement of the Sun precisely. The sun becomes exalted in the sign of Aries and debilitated in the sign of Libra. When it comes to exaltation, the sun can destroy the planet’s effect, despite the distance of degree marked above as the sun can achieve the highest powers in case it’s exalted.

Similarly, if the sun is placed in the sign of Libra it becomes debilitated and loses all its powers. This also creates; "Neech Bang Raja Yoga". In this instance, the sun naturally becomes weak and has less impact due to the combination and despite having the closet degree of impact. This can be positive as well as negative as it depends on other factors. 

For example, in Vedic astrology, Saturn is the ‘son’ of the sun and is exactly opposite in nature and viewed as coldest planet. It becomes Debilitated in Aries and exalted in Libra.  Let's say the sun (exalted) and Saturn (Debilitated) are conjunct in Aries sign, this placement will create the biggest impact of combustion, in case the distance is close.

The sun will burn Saturn thus destroying all its power. If Saturn is in the sign of Libra (where it is exalted) and the sun (who is Debilitated in Libra) then combustion technically occurs if we count the degrees of distance. However, Saturn will feel no impact. Saturn will have an upper hand compared to the sun and will overcome the combustion because Saturn will achieve its highest powers in the sign of Libra, as Libra is the natural significator of this sign.

Therefore, it is very important to check the distance first then very important to check the actual state of planets, signs and all other states. It is also very important to understand that the Sun and Moon never go in the retrograde state.  

Exaltation Sign  (100% Power)
Debilitated Sign (0% Power)           
Aries 10th°                                           
Libra 10th °                                         
Taurus 3rd °                                           
Scorpio 3rd °  
Capricorn 28th °                                   
Cancer  28th °             
Virgo 15th °
Pisces 15th °

Cancer 5th °                                         
Capricorn 5th °
Pisces 27th °
Virgo 27th °

Libra 20th °                                           
Aries 20th °
Taurus 20th °                                       
Scorpio 20th °
Scorpio  20th °                                         
Taurus 20th °

House placement is important as it will affect the strength of exalted and debilitated planets too. Additionally, aspects, conjunctions and combustions are considered when reading a chart because a chart which has exalted, or debilitated planets could potentially have the exaltations debilitations cancelled.

Exalted Planets in the 10th. 7th. 4th. and 1st. houses will have the greatest beneficial power. Exalted planets in the 11th.,9th.,7th.,5th., and 2nd houses will give wonderful results financially. Exalted planets in the 6th.and 3rd. house will lend weak results. Exalted planets in the 12th. and 8th. houses will not give the expected results.

So as an example, if a chart shows Mercury in Virgo at 15° this would mean it is exalted, however, if it is placed in the 3rd house, the benefits will be very little. Place the exalted Mercury in the 11th.,9th.,7th.,5th., or 2nd house and one could expect great financial results. Remember that charts are read counterclockwise as the planets move in this direction.

If you are not sure the state of your planets, it’s always advised to seek a professional astrologer to understand the finer points of your chart for interpretation. I often hear clients say; “My last astrologer said my planet was exalted and I would be rich!” and yet the person is barely surviving financially. Sometimes clients will mention debilitated planets (Mentioned by a less experienced astrologer) who did their chart. Then I have clients who had very little explanation about their chart and were simply directed to buy gems and remedies.

Feel free to request references from my other clients if you would like to have a reading.
If you may wish to have your chart checked for any planets and looking for in-depth analysis, then you can book an appointment as always.

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Manchanda Karan
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Sunday, 1 July 2018

Sunburned Planets

Sunburned Planets

Summertime brings fun in the Sun but too much Sun not only affects our skin, it can affect our horoscope!

For anyone who has ever had their chart read by an astrologer, they may have heard the astrologer use the term; “Combusted planet”. The basic meaning of a combusted planet in an astrology chart indicates one or more planets are too close to the sun, thereby weakening the positive qualities of the planet and in turn it also affects the house where this combustion takes place.

Keep in mind that each house also represents specific aspects of our lives. Typically, when the Sun is conjunct with a planet in a house, this means it will brighten the qualities of that planet in the house where it is placed, but if the same planet or planets are too close – watch out! 

As an example, let’s say someone has Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house and Mercury is combusting (The sun is too close). The second house represents our material possessions and how we go about earning those possessions. Mercury represents communication and intelligence.

In this instance, we may observe someone who procrastinates and takes too long to make important financial decisions, or they may be bad at saving money.

Degree of planetary combustion       

Jupiter becomes combust at 15°         
Savings, family, speech, studies and gains.

Saturn becomes combust at 14°         
Career skipping, health problems with bones and joints, and issues with uncles and boss.

Mars becomes combust at 11°            
Anger issues, motivation and willpower is lost, tasks are incomplete.

Mercury becomes combust at 6.2°     
Creates confusion in thinking, comprehension and slow decision making.

Venus becomes combust at 8 °
Your spouse, vehicles, luxuries, arts and home evaporate – indicates divorces.
Moon becomes combust at 7 °           
Mind becomes darkened, depression, mental agony, angry, lack of energy – ruins relationship with mother and father relationship.

There is an opposite effect when the Sun encounters Rahu and Ketu. Instead of the Sun burning up the energies of either, it is said that the Sun loses its power. Both eclipse the Sun. Considering that Rahu and Ketu are malefic naturally, this can impact the positive qualities of a sun placement in the house where it resides.

The other consideration when checking for combusted planets is whether the planets are in retrograde, as this could potentially mean they are not actually combust. There are other factors to consider when reviewing a chart for combusted planets. Astrologers must also consider debilitated and exalted planets, which we will cover in our next article.

If you’ve experienced or noticed a perpetual negative pattern in one aspect of your life, you may wish to have your chart checked for any planets which may be combust.

Warm Regards,
Manchanda Karan 
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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Strawberry Moon

What to expect from the "Strawberry Moon” transition from Sagittarius to Capricorn during the full moon.

The Full Moon for the month of June was termed as the "Strawberry Moon". The full moon for the month of June is used as a signal to collect information for ripening fruit of wild strawberries. It is also known as Full Rose Moon. It is also used as a tool to know the spring season as it is the last full moon for the season.

The upcoming full moon is going to transit from Sagittarius to Capricorn. As the moon represents our mind, our soul and our emotions it is going to create an impact accordingly for all 12 zodiac signs in the following manner:-

Note: It is important to mention here that the movement of the Moon from Sagittarius moon sign into Capricorn moon sign is going to be crucial for both signs. The major impact starts from the midnight of 26th June 2018 and it will remain till 01 July 2018. 
Then the impact will become natural for the signs mentioned and for every other sign. It will impact each and everyone living on this planet.


Sun - In Gemini
Moon - In Sagittarius to Capricorn
Mars - Capricorn
Mercury - Cancer
Saturn -Sagittarius
Venus - Cancer
Jupiter - Libra
Rahu -Cancer
Ketu -Capricorn 

1. Capricorn sign: The movement of the Moon from Sagittarius to Capricorn brings super changes for people who have Capricorn or Sagittarius as their moon sign. The major movements will be Physical and from inside our hearts and emotions. Thoughts can change dramatically and affect natives negatively. The lord of Capricorn which is placed in Sagittarius sign with the Moon is going to play a key role. Those who indulge in any illicit activity must come in caution. This phase is good for liars or someone who does wrong trade practice. It is going to be the time for the punishment. 

2. Aquarius Sign: If you are Aquarius moon sign, then this is your time. Your heart and mind can be on the same path. If you are in love with someone then it is the best time to say.  If you are confused by any scenario then it's the best phase to sort that out. Presently the current phase indicates some surprises. An unexpected news can change the course of action. Signs like Capricorn and Aquarius are dominated by planet Saturn but the impacts are the polar opposite.

3. Pisces Sign: This sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the Moon which is partly in Sagittarius and then in Capricorn makes a Gaj Kesri Raja Yoga. A condition for Pisces moon sign natives across the world. Though this yoga is very common and found in 5 horoscopes out of 10. In this case, it is going to bring few mixed results Pisces moon sign people may encounter diminished expectation. Things will be less than they deserve or thought. It is advisable not to expect more otherwise you will be sad after the outcome. I will say either positive or negative both ways the impact will be half, so if something bad happens then it will not be in extreme as it is indicated and vice versa.

4. Aries Sign: If you are Aries moon sign then it is the time for you to control your anger and be clear with your expressions because people will only misunderstand you and you are going to leave a lifetime image for your own society. 

5. Taurus Sign: If you are from Taurus moon sign then be ready for gains and prosperity, because the current movements look wonderful for you.  If you are working or living in another place which is far from your birthplace then it is going be good. If you are from Taurus moon sign and have good planetary placements, then this is your time my friend. The only negative indication which is visible here is you can get involved in some issue which can bring bad a name for your character, I would suggest being alert in that area.

6. Gemini Sign: If you belong to Gemini moon sign then there are chances that you will receive influence or inspiration from someone. It can be positive or negative depends upon the planetary movements. Either way, the impact will be an all-around extreme manner. The major influence is seen in an emotional manner and if you are dealing in any speculative trade or deal in stocks then try to avoid this phase.

7. Cancer Sign: Moon which rules Cancer sign and its movement to any sign always make an impact for Cancer moon sign native. This time the impact is positive for you. You will receive insights from an unusual manner. If you are a scientist or do experiments, then this is the time to prove your skills. Innovative ideas will bring positive results in upcoming future.

8. Leo Sign: If you are from Leo moon sign then be caution because you can have asthma or lungs or oxygen issue. I always say health is wealth. If you belong to Leo Moon, then be on the alert and take big precautions from the health perspective. The chances of having a weak immune system are also indicated.

9. Virgo Sign: If you belong to this sign then try not to get involved with any fights or quarrels. Anything can turn against you and there is a chance that you can receive negative impacts in the future ahead of you. Someone may betray you which will lead to a situation for emotional dishevel.

10. Libra Sign: This sign which makes: “ Gaj Kesri Raj” yoga, another one is Pisces. Here the impact is 100% and mostly positive in nature. If you are Libra Moon sign then it is the right time to start something you’ve been planning for a while.  It is a phase which will go in your favor and anything which is performed in this phase will bring good results for you.

11. Scorpio Sign: If you have Scorpio moon sign then it is the time for you to save your wealth and monitor your expenses. Be slow in your doings and do not start any new venture or new deals. Losses are indicated and it’s better to take precautions before any event happens.

12 Sagittarius Sign: Last but not the least the other, if you are from Sagittarius moon sign then it's the time of the movement. This is the case where you may feel tired and inner weakness. Due to the Moon changing signs, you may feel an emotional attack and that may bring some distress for you in near future.

It is a time phase for global trade wars and I am receiving requests to analyze these events. Right now, I can say this phase can only damage the situation from the trade perspective and from the 26th. of June to 04th. of July 2018 is a bit crucial for the world. If anything comes from any side then the other nation will retaliate in a similar manner. This is the worst case for the world. Here volatility can also be expected in stocks or cryptocurrencies. I would say a major downside is visible for Bitcoin and other similar assets. It can breach the key level of $6000 and can trade below it.
Note: The above results are based on Moon sign and not on Sun sign. Additionally, other planetary placements can impact the aforementioned transit, therefore it is best to consult a professional Astrologer for your full personal forecast.

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