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Are You Lucky?

Are You Lucky?
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We are living in a world of competition. It feels like we will lose unlimited opportunities if we don't compete. We are competitive in careers, status, and assets. Living this way creates a difference between everyone.
Our peers, friends, neighbors and (Even our loved ones), are unable to spend quality time together. They are inundated with competition at work & school. Who has the nicest clothes? Who has the nicest home or car?
Even children experience competition with their peers, classmates, and friends. Be it admission into schools, clothing or having the latest and best technological gadgets. Luck is the initial stage, and important for all walks of lives.
How to check and identify your luck Astrologically:
1. First, we need to check the strength of the 9th house in a horoscope.
2. We need to consider the ninth the house as, the first house, then calculate our luck aspect of this house.
3. If we have favorable planetary combinations in any house or signs then we need to analyze their strengths. We should correlate them, with the transits we are presently in, to predict the future.
4. It's important to check negative placement planets and their states to understand their effects. Especially, if we are in a bad phase. This way, we can enhance our good planets and reduce negativity.
5. Our luck and good planets are destroyed when we feel and react with jealous behavior.
6. It is important to analyze the planets; Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Rahu, to receive windfalls of gains and the sudden rise of luck. This can only happen if we are in that particular phase.
I would like to Propose a recent example: Ranu Mondal...
Ranu Mondal became a star overnight, and her fortune changed immediately
Wikipedia Link For Ranu Mondal:
Ranu Maria Mondal (Born November 5th. 1960). Ranu Mondal is an Indian singer who currently works in Bollywood.[4] Ranu was discovered by her manager, Atindra Chakraborty at Ranaghat Junction railway station who uploaded her singing video that went viral. Subsequently, she was invited in the singing reality show: Superstar Singer where Himesh Reshammiya gave her a chance to sing for his film Happy Hardy and Heer.[5][6]
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