Sunday 14 July 2019

Dreams or Illusions? Where do you stand in reality?

Dreams or Illusions? Where do you stand in reality?

Hi everyone,

This is my first article almost after four months and I really missed writing. I hope everyone had a wonderful time in between.

As an individual, I can stop writing but planets will never stop. I know many changes already happened this year which were significant, and many new changes will happen in the future. I will try my best to cover most of them.
We, humans, have a bad tendency to criticize our own people on their mistakes but do we truly consider the underlying issue causing the problems and issues?

I must admit that every individual has a desire or dream for a better future. There is one thing that makes a difference when we daydream or conjure grandiose illusions to our thoughts. It is good to dream for a better future but how much it can correlate with reality should be analyzed well in advance.

In every horoscope, there are some good and bad planets. North Node of the Moon known as Rahu (Vedic term) is the one which causes illusions. One can experience serious desires which can't be fulfilled with certain resources or reality.

Such desires can touch their peak when Rahu is accompanied with Venus.  The planet Venus signifies beauty and luxuries. Venus brings all kind of worldly desires which are often out of one’s reach and many times it becomes difficult to turn them into a reality.

Few important points which can make such combination:

1. Firstly, much depends on Rahu’s placement in one ‘s horoscope. It gives neutral to positive results if placed in the 1st, 6th, 9th, or 11th, house. Whatever the state of Rahu is, good or bad, if placed in the houses then bad results won't happen as it loses all its negativity. If Rahu is placed in other houses other than those mentioned above, then illusions and wishful thinking can occur.

2 Rahu’s main transit lasts for 18 years and 7 months. It can bring negative impacts if Rahu has an unfriendly combination with another planet during its transit. If it is combined with another planet which is negatively impacting you, then Rahu will act as a steroid for that planet and increase its power.

3. Placement of the Moon can bring negative emotions. Combined with Rahu can increase the negative influence on it. Due to Rahu, the Moon becomes weak and can give undesirable thought processes, daydreaming or some kind of fear.

4. Negative Mercury and Jupiter in one’s horoscope and their connection with Rahu in any form can create such desires.

Conclusion: It is important to mention that Rahu doesn’t bring negative results in every horoscope. It is generally considered an evil mind but, in some cases,, it acts as a win-win situation. All politicians, celebrities, foreign traders, stock markets traders, bureaucrats, gamblers, dealers, etc. enjoy the positive effects of Rahu in their horoscope.

To dream for a better future is never considered as a sin but to dream with closed eyes won’t bring success. Many combinations can arise between Rahu as it is based on permutation and combination approach and mentioning each above are not possible as they vary with every horoscope.

An astrologer is only a human being and not a God.
We can certainly, know about the planetary movements and can get certain clues to guide us.  Thus, I try to enlighten and guide people, using astrological skills to the best of my knowledge.   If you are reading my article and are looking for such types of guidance, please book an appointment with me. Email me your queries and we will take it from there!

Thank You,
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