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Is recession or great depression on cards?

Is recession or great depression on cards?
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Whenever we hear about recession or depression then we usually come under immense fear. Awareness can eliminate any kind of uncertainties and can make us strong to overcome from the uncertain events as well.

I believe that greatness is not about writing great articles but the real greatness is about creating awareness and making people aware of what can happen in the future course of time. 

I am not the God and it is not necessary that whatever I am quoting will become a reality but it is imminent to mention that I see a great chance that the world is heading for a great recession or depression, something similar which happened in the year 1929-1932.

When for the very first time I mentioned this at my Facebook account on the 09 November 2018, I immediately got a panic reaction from many of my friends and relatives.

If you are the one who is now reading my article then I will suggest you mark 2019 as the year of caution. The year 2019, will going to be a year for planet Jupiter.

Some can argue that this is something not new and this cycle repeats in every nine-year time frame. It happened before and it will happen again in the future.

Here it is important to mention that there is an exception in the planetary movements which is happening now. This may make a case for the recession or a big depression.

I would like to relate the year 2019 with the year 1929 as under:

Ø Jupiter: There are many similarities when we compare the year 2019 with the year 1929. The very first and major similarity here is planet Jupiter as mentioned. Planet Jupiter represents economic expansion and growth but sometimes when there are worse situation then it can also become one of the reasons for the starting phase of de-growth and crisis. It is important to mark the retrogression date which will play a critical role in the upcoming crisis.

Ø Saturn and Ketu (South node): There is a saying in Vedic astrology that the south node follows the movement of planet Saturn. They're going to be big movements in all aspects and Ketu will enter in Sagittarius sign in March 2019. The sign is ruled by planet Jupiter which going to get worse impact because Ketu will accompany planet Saturn. The south node “Ketu” which is also known to rule financial activities will remain very close with planet Saturn which goes into retrogression in April 2019 to September 2019. As both Saturn and Ketu will remain close for the most part in the year 2019, this can negatively impact the energy of planet Jupiter as well as entire Sagittarius zodiac sign leading to uncertainties globally.  We all know how world central banks are behaving right now with the rates and the way bond yields are moving, it will get worse in this phase. This will ultimately reduce the liquidity leading to the crisis. But the best part here will be an investment in safe asset Gold which can yield great profits. Everyone knows that Gold and US dollar are negatively correlated where they move in the opposite direction. So this can be the area to keep an eye. Most people relate Silver to Gold as the prices move simultaneously. No doubt the prices for silver can move upwards but if there are going to be a liquidity crisis then Silver demand will get a hit and it won’t give many returns comparing to Gold. The entire movement can be expected in the second half of the year and most probably after September 2019 even for the recession.  

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Ø Rahu (North Node): The reason I am bringing the north node or Rahu, in the end, is because this is a real reason for the crisis which the world may witness either at the end of the year 2019 or very good chances of the same from the year 2020.  The year 2020 will be a year of Rahu and in March 2019, Rahu will move to Gemini sign which is ruled by planet Mercury. There are very few people who are aware of Jupiter and Mercury relationship and why both of them are enemy to each other. The movement of Rahu will increase the enmity between both of them. As planet Mercury is known to get influenced by another planet and it will lose all its powers in the year leading to communication tussles between global leaders which can increase the chances of trade wars that can impact the world.

I would like to bring in everyone notice that in the year 1930 where Rahu was placed in Pisces sign which was ruled by planet Jupiter and Ketu was placed in Virgo sign which was a sign ruled by planet Mercury. The crisis started from 04 Sep 1929 which was the day for the south node “Ketu” and the year 1929 was the year for planet Jupiter.

This time the crisis can initiate because of Rahu whereas Ketu with Saturn can accelerate it pace to destroy the powers of planet Jupiter, which can impact the world. I see the only reason for the tussle between global leaders which is leading to trade wars is the negative retrogression of Rahu and Ketu right now and things going to take a worse mode next year and so on.

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The entire concept is based on a study and there is no intention to hurt or increase any fear in anyone’s life. I am only a human being and not God. I wish and pray that I can go wrong and nothing such things happen. I can say we can try to take precautions in our life and can use the contents of the blog as a precautionary measure to avoid anything if it is coming. Planning won’t cost us anything.

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