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                 An observation on Mars

1) Favourably disposed Mars gives alert mind and makes one quick to act.
2) Badly placed Mars gives aggressive temperament.
3) Neecha(Debilitated) Mars aspects on Lagna(Ascendant) causes shyness .
4) Mars aspect in Mercury can cause a break in education for entry into profession or marriage or business etc.
5) Mars conjunct or squaring Jupiter gives anaemia and low blood pressure.
Combination of Mars with Different Planets 

Mars With Mercury

1) Trial and obstacles in an educational career may even cause a break in education, mentally alert , gives a sharp mind.
2) If placed together in 10 house then the native can become a scientist, investigators or an agent.
3) If badly placed then a person can become a drug dealer, cunning, aggressive and fickle minded.
Mars With Jupiter 
It can cause fracture and accidents .

Mars with Saturn 

1) The combination of Mars with Saturn can make a person very angry.
2) If both planets are placed in the first house then the person can face skin diseases,  cause falls and bruises etc.
3) Strongly placed in 2nd or 10th house then the native can be praised in public and will be a great personage.

Effects of Mars in different Ascendant-

 Ascendant   -    Effects
1) Aries     -    Benefic

2) Taurus    -    Benefic

3) Gemini    -    Malefic

4) Cancer    -    Yogakaraka

5) Leo       -    Yogakaraka 

6) Virgo     -    Malefic

7) Libra     -    Benefic

8) Scorpio   -    Benefic 

9) Sagittarius  - Benefic

10)Capricorn    - Neutral 

11) Aquarius    - Benefic 

12) Pisces      - Benefic

In our chart if Mars is placed in 1st,  4th, 7th, 8th or in 12 house then the native becomes a Manglik.

Profession: Police,Military, Medical, Surgery, Cooking, Dentist, Butcher, Property Dealer, Fireman, Athletes etc.

This observation can be use for only 5% information, as things depend on all other  observation too. 

DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and the astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.

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