Tuesday 1 March 2022

Russia-Ukraine crisis 2022

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Russia-Ukraine crisis 2022 

Putin horoscope:- 

His Moon sign is Taurus and the placement of the Moon is very strong. 

This means he will do things with strong determination. He will remain focused on his choices and plans. 

In the Taurus sign, Moon will get exalted and this makes him a planner. At present, there is an ongoing North/South Node transition. The North node which is considered as Rahu is placed in the Taurus sign while South Node is placed in Scorpio. By default, they get exaltation in both signs. 

In his horoscope Ketu is weak and it affects the Moon sign. It is placed in the Cancer sign and makes him calculative but reduces empathy and companionship. 

While Rahu, is placed in Capricorn and it does cause partial sharpit dosha. This is a placement and can be found in the different horoscopes. But the major quality of this dosha (negativity) will make a person cruel or selfish or greedy etc. 

This ongoing situation for the nodes is impacting him for the last  6 years and this will get brutal on April 12 when nodes will change signs for another 18 months. 

Putin is well aware of the consequences and knows the pros and cons. This can be judged with the well-placed situation of the Sun and Saturn in his horoscope. It at least makes him mature. 

I don't have his birth time and it's hard to check transits in his chart (Dasha). The nodes are based on universal changes and will affect everyone. The reason it will be heavy for him is that Mars makes him cruel but focused and trendy with his decisions.

In past, I saw Biden's horoscope around US elections in the year 2020. Just to share that his Moon sign is Aries which doesn't match at all with Putin and on April 12, 2022, the change will affect Biden's energies. His Rahu is placed in Leo and makes him aggressive with decisions in a rush situation. So this can be alarming for the world.


This situation should get resolved ASAP before April 12, 2022 otherwise it will lead us into deeper problems. There is no way Biden and Putin's energies can match. I'm very sure about it and someone else needs to bring peace.

Disclaimer:- This reading is done without birth times and based on information available online. There is no guarantee for accuracy and it's just for awareness.

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Karan Manchanda 

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