Saturday 16 February 2019

Venus walks near to Saturn on 18 Feb 2019

What’s in store for us? 
It is better to take timely action as planet Venus can take away your peace of mind during its conjunction with planet Saturn.

As we know that planet Venus rules luxuries, love life, beauty, fashion, relationships etc whereas planet Saturn is a much-disciplined planet which follows ethics and morals.

Degree concept:
It is important to understand the degree concept before analyzing any horoscope. Whenever there is any conjunction then degree plays an important role while analyzing the impact.

Saturn – Venus: The planet with the lowest degree influence and dominate another planet. If planet Saturn is placed with the lower degree then it will influence and dominate planet Venus.
If Saturn is placed with the lowest degree in your horoscope then this conjunction will bring discipline in your actions. If you were facing conflicts in your love life then it is your chance to solve pending disputes/issues.
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Venus – Saturn: Here I assume that Venus is marked with the lowest degree in your horoscope comparing to planet Saturn. As already explained above that Venus is a planet of love, relationship etc. This change will only create issues in your life. The change is negatively poised, and you can be caught with cheating. Any kind of extramarital affairs can come into limelight. There are chances of getting defamation with or without reasons. Those who are into a trade or business related to planet Venus must maintain an extra caution for the next few weeks.      
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An astrologer is only a human being and not a God.

We can certainly know about the planetary movements and can get certain clues to guide us.  Thus, I try to enlighten and guide people, using astrological skills to the best of my knowledge.   If you are reading my article and are looking for such types of guidance, please book an appointment with me. Email me your queries and we will take it from there!

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