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Are they cheating? OH NO.....................................

We are human beings and we have a tendency to believe others. Sometimes, believing others can have a severe cost and damage in one's life as a result of cheating.

Cheating can happen online or offline. It can be done for the sake of money, love, or for various other reasons.

These days, we hear so much about online frauds. The scammers are also active in a manner that they can hurt anybody to any extent causing monetary, personal or social losses. 

There are many cases where one spouse ditches his / her partner because of extramarital affairs, business or social frauds which can have such detrimental effects.
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We must not forget the concept of ‘Karma’ when dealing with such matters: It is a great law; "As you sow, so shall you reap". This is also known as the "Law of Cause and Effect". - Whatever we put out in the Universe is what comes back to us. - If we want Happiness, Peace, Love, and Friendship, then we should be Happy, Peaceful, Loving and a True Friend.

The pain is real but we should heal from it as soon as possible.  
There are 12 houses in one’s horoscope. The houses from 1 to 6 are based on an individual and have all the properties which need to be analyzed for an internal purpose. From the 7th house onwards (especially the 7th house itself) mainly dictates the terms of cheating or fraud. One can either cheat or can be the victim of some kind of fraud.

Why is the 7th house very important to analyze?

Those who possess knowledge regarding Vedic astrology, should focus on the house no. 7 to analyze the point of marriage or relationships. The real definition for this house is as below:

The seventh house has pervasively legal and social bondages. It can be a business contract, marriage, or various other facets of society, and even foreign trades - gains and losses.

The Moon
The Moon which is our mind and heart, plays a pivotal role in analyzing the aspect of cheating. Who can be cheated? An impacted person in any manner, unfortunately, cannot see the real world and its reality. If the Moon is weak in any horoscope then the person can easily be cheated by fraudsters.

The possible reasons:

1.    When the Moon or Venus get afflicted by Rahu (North Node). Rahu which is an evil entity, can inversely impact the Moon and/or Venus which raises the chances of cheating where a person can come under the influence of someone who holds ill thoughts or ill-will. In turn, it can cause cheating between lovers, business partners or social media identities, etc.

2.    If Rahu is placed in the 7th house, then one can either become a cheater or victim or both. It all depends on the placement of this house and according to the degrees, one can analyze the impact.

3.  Moon or Venus in conjunction with Saturn can cause an extramarital affair in a relationship or marriage leading to some displeasure in domestic life BUT, the pros and cons can be limited because planet Saturn is a Karmic planet and in some cases, it can give the right knowledge at the right time.

4.    Lastly, if the lords of 7th house afflict with Rahu or have any close contact with Rahu in any house of the horoscope then the person becomes prone to cheating.

The danger to be cheated via online frauds:

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Cheating has taken on a new meaning in this “tech era”.  This is a time of social media and people can cheat very easily though apps such as Instagram, What’s App, Facebook, bumble/dating apps and websites, Snapchat, etc. 
The possible chances which can arise from an individual horoscope where we can check for online fraud are as follows:

1. The Moon: As already defined above, the Moon portrays our mind and heart and it’s weakness can play a critical role. 

2. Mercury: When we speak about technology and online frauds then we are talking about planet Mercury. It is a planet which rules communication, satellites, technology etc. It has been observed that in the majority of horoscopes, planet Mercury remains combust. This is because due to closeness with the Sun. But few triggers can really create the chances of online frauds. It is important to mention that mercury is treated as a child in Vedic astrology and it usually behaves the way it is being commanded by another planet.  If Mercury is influenced either by Jupiter or Mars and in 7th house then one can be cheated and can become a victim of online frauds. This type of cheating can be monetary or social in nature. Most hackers have some influence on mercury with Jupiter. If Mercury is placed with Mars then one can be cheated via an online love saga. If by any chance Sun, Mercury, and Mars are placed together then there are high chances of heartbreaks. 

Teaching about astrology

It is important to understand that astrology is like a Google map and the path can be shown but the actual act of driving- depends on us.
I have met many people who look for immediate relief or miracles. The matter of fact is - whenever we are under a bad phase then things usually won’t improve overnight.

There are certain remedies which can be helpful but many of us look for overnight results. All remedies are based on planetary positions and it's our Karma from the past which causes such bad results in our current phase and no astrologer or guru can change anyone’s past.

These remedies can give a bit of relief in hard times and if the time is good and we are in a better phase, then doing such remedies can bring a lot of good luck.

From my past experience, I can say only a handful of people do remedies and very few of them continue for these remedies for longer periods. I will say that we are humans and it is natural to be anxious. We live with disbelief that nothing good can happen and we are doing remedies just for the sake of doing it. It is our greed that wants an overnight result in order to earn a good livelihood.  

I refer to “greed,” as a term of benefits which one can expect in a hard phase. He or she starts thinking in terms of three words generally: I, ME and MYSELF. If any remedy is done with certain wishful greed and for self-benefits with an intention of overnight changes, then nothing good will happen to us ever and we will end up blaming an astrologer!  Love yourself but do not forget that blaming is also a kind of sin which we commit without any knowledge, causing bad karmic consequences ultimately.

An astrologer is only a human being and not a God.
We can certainly know about the planetary movements and can get certain clues to guide us.  Thus, I try to enlighten and guide people, using astrological skills to the best of my knowledge.   If you are reading my article and are looking for such types of guidance, please book an appointment with me. Email me your queries and we will take it from there!

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