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The Sun in 'Virgo', will it brighten up or burn your life?

The Sun in 'Virgo', will it brighten up or burn your life?

We usually read our horoscopes daily, weekly or at the start of every month. As we live in the perception that a month will bring a change in our in planets as well as in our lives.

To analyse the monthly horoscope, we need to understand the transits of the Sun. As whatever sign the sun is placed will be called our first house.

Such movement of the planet is known as 'Gochara'.
It is a system of planets which correlates with our Moon sign or Sun sign impact, which also correlates with current changes in the planetary position.

For example, if your 7th house indicates a marriage proposal in the year "2022" (Based on your marriage house and transit), The results will be based on gochara of that phase which would indicate a negative position. In this instance there won't be much strength in such proposal. Therefore, we should analyse many things to understand the impact of the movement in a comprehensive concept.

When the Sun transits in the sign of Virgo, it is  considered to be the first house and Leo will be in the twelfth house. The next change will take place on the 17th. Oct 2019 when the Sun transits in Libra sign. This is just an example.

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The following predictions are based for all signs: -

1. Virgo Moon sign:- As this is considered to be the first house due to the placement of the Sun in this sign. As per the presence of the Sun, planet Mercury which is a lord of this house loses its energy. For particularly one month, natives who have Virgo moon sign may face issues in their communication which can impact their day to day life. Also, those who are in politics, mass media or journalism, movies can face some scandals. 

2. Libra Moon sign:- As this house commands one’s inner personality, wealth, thoughts, etc., and due to an eye on this house one may have impacts in their relationship. It depends on the placement of planet Venus in your horoscope to analyse good or bad impacts of these planetary movements.

3. Scorpio Moon sign: - This movement of the sun will impact the third house for Scorpion moon. It is a good combination for this period as Scorpion moon can obtain power to overcome illness or illusions which they may be experiencing. Also, this placement will give them  encouragement in many areas. This will be for areas of your life where you endure weakness. It is the correct time to control your mistakes and overcome your weakness.

4. Sagittarius Moon sign: - This change will positively impact the Sagittarius native as it will be in the fourth house. The ruling planet of Sagittarius sign is planet Jupiter which recently went into the direct mode and this combination will be positive for you. You can expect some Kickstarter in this phase if the right efforts are made.

5. Capricorn Moon sign: - This change will be in the fifth house. You need to check your grades if you are in school or college. This phase can negatively impact your educational career. Also, this phase can create differences between you and your elders. You need to control your words and emotions.

6. Aquarius Moon sign:-This change will be on the sixth house. When it comes to long term diseases or illnesses or if we need to see where our enemies stand in our life, then one needs to check this house. Particularly the Sun and the lord of Aquarius sign which is planet Saturn does not exist in a good relationship. If you are an Aquarius moon, then you need to check your health and be aware of unwanted enemies. Also, to be careful while driving and take precautions in all pursuits. If you are facing any kind of court cases or having personal issues with government departments then it is better to delay proceeding for a coming month if possible.

7. Pisces Moon sign: - The transit of the sun will impact your seventh house which rules in all kinds of social bindings. Whenever I say social binding then I am referring to marriage, business activities, foreign relationships, etc. So the good news would is the issues which you were facing in previous months can be resolved, and you may meet some new connections which can be helpful and everlasting.

8. Aries Moon sign: - The transit of the sun, will impact your eighth house which is related to longevity. The best part of this change would offer you positive strength to fight back from the worst situation you’ve been facing and resolve long term issues. Also, if you are heading for surgeries or operation then this can be the best time to do so to get a speedy recovery.

9. Taurus Moon sign: - This change impacts your ninth house which can change your thought from atheists to a theist. You can become spiritual and can even show interest in spiritual activities. It indicates that you have been in the middle of many thoughts which causes issues in your personal life. So this is a correct time to get encouragement to get your answers.

10. Gemini moon sign: - This change impacts your tenth house which potentially offers you a career change, promotion, bonus, new clients or answers to your questions. The problems which you were facing since April 2019, will end now and you will receive positive results.

11. Cancer Moon sign:- This change impacts your eleventh house which increases your way to survive. The lord of this house is Moon which loses its energy due to the presence of the Sun. Therefore, whatever negativity you were facing because of the impacted moon can end in this particular phase. The phase will impact you in all aspect which will give you 'will power” which has been missing. Also, you can get chances to increase your earnings.

12. Leo Moon sign:- The Lord of the Leo sign, eyes its own house from the twelfth house which means you may get a chance to control your losses and can increase your savings. If you are in stock markets or any kind of speculative business, then you can get gains in this phase. Also, a tendency to curb your expenditures will positively change your lifestyle. So this is your time to change your life 360 degrees.

Note: To analyze an individual’s horoscope one needs to study several concepts. Only a professional astrologer can answer. The above contents are just an effort to bring some awareness about planets and how they work.

If you would like to know how this movement plays an important role in your life, and at which stage, please book an appointment. We can schedule an appointment accordingly.

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