Sunday 20 October 2019

The sun moves to Libra

The sun moves to Libra:- You can either anticipate the change and participate strongly or be unaware of it and face the challenge.

The Sun entered its enemy sign Libra on 17th. Oct 2019, where it became debilitated. Simply said, the Sun becomes its weakest as compared to any other sign it is placed in. Also, the lord of Libra which is planet Venus becomes weak as well. It is important to mention here that it is a state of the Sun and not the placement which will vary from one horoscope to another. It doesn't mean it can only be negative as it can be positive as well because it can create a NEECH BANG RAJA YOGA which in turn is a positive sign. I personally have this position in my own horoscope. 

We usually read our horoscopes daily, weekly or at the start of every month. As we live in the perception that a month will bring a change in our in planets as well as in our lives.

To analyze the monthly horoscope, we need to understand the transits of the Sun. As whatever sign the sun is placed in, that house will be called our first house.
Such movement of the planet is known as 'Gochara'.

It is a system of planets that correlates with our Moon sign or Sun sign impact, which also correlates with current changes in the planetary position. 

For example, if your 7th house indicates a marriage proposal in the year "2022" (Based on your marriage house and transit), The results will be based on gochara of that phase which would indicate a negative position. In this instance, there won't be much strength in such a proposal. Therefore, we should analyze many things to understand the impact of the movement on a comprehensive concept.

When the Sun transits in the sign of Libra, it is considered to be the first house and Virgo will be in the twelfth house. The next change takes place on the 16th of November 2019 when the Sun transits in Scorpio sign. The following are the effects this transit will have on each moon sign and ascendant. Please be sure to know your moon and ascendant signs, then find the correlating predictions below:
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1.     Libra sign:- As the sun enters the Libra sign, therefore, it is the first house that will impact your body and health.  The debilitated sun is not good here as it destroys the will power and the energy which in turn will give weakness in almost all sectors. You should be careful if heading for surgeries or operation this month also hormone issues can happen as well for ladies. 

Scorpio sign:- As the movement of this change impacts your second house which mostly checks emotions and wealth, therefore,  you can feel depressed as well as monetary losses are also visible.  

3.     Sagittarius sign:-This movement of the sun impacts your third sign and it brings an act of positive courage which can be an ideal situation where you should  solve prolong issues and illnesses. This phase can be used as a part of meditation to end long term disputes.

4.      Capricorn sign:- This movement of the sun impacts your fourth sign and here the debilitation creates "Neech bang" yoga which is very positive for you.  This could be a phase where you can get favorable gains in real estate, stock markets, court cases, etc. This phase can create differences with your father.  Although this house rules the mother aspect, the sun can impact your father. 

Aquarius sign:- The movement of the Sun impacts your fifth house which brings good luck as open aspects for you to travel.  Though it is not related to travel if you were waiting to visit foreign countries then use this time frame so that you can convert your opportunities.

6.      Pisces sign:- The movement of the Sun impacts your sixth house which inturn bring positive results to identify your hidden enemies or illness which  you were not aware of. This phase can be used carefully as you can get injuries or accidents also maybe some medicine reactions can't be ruled out as well.

7.       Aries sign:- This change impacts your seventh house which may impact your social circle, foreign relationship, marriage or love relationship, etc.  Though this change shows that you can get anger which may make things worse for you but if you hold a "Neech bang raja" yoga, then it will be positive.  This depends on your horoscope. Otherwise, this phase will go against you and you can be in much trouble. Also, you may have blood-related issues or issues with your spine and secret parts of your body, so you must take prior precautions.

8.       Taurus sign:- This change impacts your eighth house. Venus loses it is energy due to the Sun's placement. Though this change can be negative, and if you were previously facing delays, then you should be ready to face hurdles and delays. 

9.        Gemini sign:- This change impacts your ninth house and due to the weakness of the Sun here it dominates your communication in little negative way but you can also get the benefit of the doubt. It is advised to do business communication or meetings after this phase or plan in a way you don't get into trouble.

10.    Cancer sign:- This change impacts your tenth house and due to the weakness of the Sun, the ruling sign of this zodiac sign which is the Moon. This will give support here and you will come back as a fighter in your journey. It is a time where you can change the odds.  

11.    Leo sign:- This change impacts your eleventh house and as the lord of this sign which is the Sun itself is in trouble than both for the sun sign as well as from the moon sign, you will get into trouble.  The ruler of the sign is in its weakest mode and loss of money and luck is visible also it will impact your health. 

12.    Virgo sign:- This change impacts your twelfth house and here you must take precautions related to eye problems as well as diabetes.  You could lose money and expenses can overflow which will bring undesirable tensions. 

Note: To analyze an individual’s horoscope one needs to study several concepts. Only a professional astrologer can answer. The above contents are just an effort to bring some awareness about planets and how they work.

If you would like to know how this movement plays an important role in your life, and at which stage, please book an appointment. We can schedule an appointment accordingly.

Update: - Mercury will go into retrogression mode from 31st Oct to 21 Nov 2019 where it will eye Libra sign thought it will be in Scorpio sign. I will be giving more information about the same and please share my contents so that more can read and understand how life can shape for them. 

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