Tuesday 29 October 2019

Mercury retrograde on Halloween

Do handle with care as Mercury retrogrades on Halloween

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We often get scared from the word retrograde which in simple terms means that the planet moves one backward. As per science, retrograde motion is an apparent change in the movement of the planet through the sky. It means all the planets appear to rise in the east and set in the west. When a planet travels eastward in relation to the stars, it is called progressive or direct. When the planet travels westward in relation to the stars (which is known as a backward or opposite path in Vedic astrology) it is called retrograde. 

Planet Mercury stations retrograde at 27 degrees in Scorpio sign on 31st Oct 2019 at 5 pm, where it will conjunct with the planet Venus. Mercury stations direct at 11 degrees in Scorpio sign on 20th Nov 2019. 

Finally, mercury leaves the shadow in the Scorpio sign, on the 07th Dec at 27 degrees and will enter Sagittarius sign. This can impact your two holidays and it can be Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.

As Mercury rules communication, technology, and satellite, etc, have characteristics of the Moon as well as the planet Jupiter will get conjunct in Scorpio sign with the planet of love and desires Venus. Yes, you are thinking right, it can impact your love life. It will impact communication for sure and issues with technology can arise. As it is getting retrograde in water sign which will impact emotions as well (it can be positive or negative). 

Presently, you can see the amount of fire in California and Australia, the only reason for the same is the shadow of planet Mercury on the Sun which is transiting in Libra sign. This happens only 13 times about every 100 years when the planet Mercury passes in between the Earth and the Sun.  

A quick overview of all 12 signs with a word of caution on these below peculiar arenas:-

    Ø Aries: - This retrograde can impact your power of wisdom and you could make the wrong decisions in a hurry.

Ø Taurus: - You can be defamed because of your partner and can have issues with your secret body part.

Ø Gemini: - Issues related to miscommunication and huddles in life.

Ø Cancer: - You can get negative emotions and can feel the betrayal of trust.

Ø Leo: You can make mistakes and can realize afterward.

Ø Virgo: - There can be issues that can arise due to a lack of knowledge and miscommunication.

Ø Libra: - Problems in the love affair can arise and separation or breakup is possible.

Ø Scorpio: - You can lose your wealth as well as you can be in negative emotions.

Ø Sagittarius: - You need to be careful in your studies, especially if you are giving a competitive exam as you can get disappointment.

Ø Capricorn:- There is a chance that you can have losses or extra expenditure.

Ø Aquarius: - You can be disrespected by your loved ones.

Ø Pisces: - You can be very emotional in this phase which can impact your day to day life.

In addition to all, I would like to say to use your instinct, work hard, be positive and realize your strength follow by the path of Astrology and believe in God.

Note: To analyze an individual’s horoscope one needs to study several concepts. Only a professional astrologer can answer. The above contents are just an effort to bring some awareness about planets and how they work.

If you would like to know how this movement plays an important role in your life, and at which stage, please book an appointment. We can schedule an appointment accordingly.

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