Wednesday 4 November 2020

Are you curious about Trump vs Biden's outcome? 

This election is dominated by the Moon and the placement of the Moon on November 3rd, 2020 was in the Taurus sign, where it gets exalted and it is in Rohini nakshatra. This is considered as one of the best placements for the Moon. 

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The world is waiting for the results and the patience level has been tested for most of us. If I just speak about myself then I'm awake from last 36 hours to see the outcome. I am trying to see which candidate have a better Moon i.e. Trump or Biden to get some insight. 

Here, if we see the current picture then the electoral votes go in favor of President Trump and he holds an edge if there is no change in the current swing states count. So, is this picture clear enough? The answer is no because Moon is all about sentiments and former Vice President Moon is well placed in Aries sign and in the 6th house. It is a house that gives a competitive advantage as well as goes well with the emotions. Now, President Trump is already a Scorpion Moon who naturally has the spark of emotions and he goes well with the situation. 

Comparison: If we compare the strength of the Moon then Biden holds an advantage despite numbers goes against him at this point of time, if you add the votes of remaining swing states including Pennsylvania. Therefore, I believe and see a surprise result in the coming hours where something will impact the sentiment for most of us and will lead to a shift of power from Trump to Biden. 

Disclaimer: - It is important to see all other planets and placements. I'm not sure about Biden’s time of birth therefore I can't predict the right transition based on his horoscope. This prediction is based on the Moon and other factors are required to see the outcome better. I am doing this to give some insight about the situation and a possible outcome, not a confirmed outcome. 

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