Sunday 27 May 2018

Astrology and Death

Astrology and Death

Often people seek out astrologers to find out when they will die.  I’ve personally had this asked of me many times. The one thing I noticed, is that people never ask “How”, which puzzles me a bit. Certainly, a good astrologer can predict both the “When” and “How”.

Again, an astrologer must look at certain houses and the planets that are sitting in them to find these answers. I’d had a client whose family member developed cancer unexpectedly. My client, of course, was frantic to find the fate of her loved one. Though the news was bitter-sweet, her loved one met their demise on the very morning of the day I predicted.

This by far, was one of the most difficult, (not to mention) emotional readings I’ve ever done. My client’s loved one passed, but also gave life 7 days before passing away – hence the term ‘Bitter Sweet’.

So, maybe you are wondering your fate or wondering about the fate of someone you love? I don’t normally like these types of readings because I don’t want anyone ‘counting the days’ and defining their lives by a prediction. People must also apply their own will and enjoy their life to the fullest.

To understand how and when a person will die, an astrologer can also look at the elements of the signs sitting in specific houses. Keep in mind some planets govern the constitution, organs, and habits of a sign.

Furthermore, the planets which offer insight about our death are defined as “Maraka” planets in our horoscope. Maraka is a Sanskrit word and it defines the planets that rule one’s life and death span. It also governs ill-health, poverty, and misery.

For example, if Saturn is situated in the house of death and it rules houses which are positioned to bring good luck, then an astrologer needs to check the Maraka condition of the planet.

Additionally, the transit of the person in question must also be considered. Saturn has a 7.5-year transit in everyone’s life 3 different times. Sometimes the last phase can also become the Maraka state.

True, the “House of death” can also mean the end of a circumstance, relationships or bad times in one’s life. Another interesting note on this... in Vedic astrology, we believe that the planet one dies by, in the previous life, will be the planet by which one is born into.

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