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Love or Pain?

Love... It happens One of the biggest requests I receive is to perform compatibility readings for couples. Usually, the person making the request is either preparing to go into a relationship, or they are having problems in an existing relationship. Two people initially come together with no intention of separating but sometimes there are few Karmic tendencies that lead to separation.

It is not difficult from astrology to analyze patterns which can potentially become a reason for separation or divorce. In Vedic astrology, we use a D-1 & D-9 chart. Both charts, tells the true soul and nature of the planets and is derived from the birth chart.

Mars placement in a D-1 & D-9 chart is one of the first things to check, and only Mars placement can indicate if a person is Manglik.  Manglik natives should consider marriage to someone who is also Manglik as the negative effects of Mars can be cancelled out if the other partner is also Manglik. Otherwise, chances of failure of the marriage or even illness and death can happen to the non-manglik partner if a Manglik marries a non-manglik person. Placement of Mars from planet Venus and the Moon are also considered in the D-1 & D-9 charts. The D-1, D-9 chart including the distance between Venus and Moon placements in combination with Mars are all very important.

Today, I'm going to bring up few important aspects that can point to potential separation or divorce. The 7th house is one of the houses to be considered when analyzing questions about marriage and love relationships.

If the lord of the 7th house is either debilitated or has any negative influence from other malefic planets, or if 7 house lord is placed in either in the 6th,8th, or 12th. house, it becomes weak. With a conjunction or negative influence, then separation is likely. Weakness means conjunction with bad planets or weakness in its own state.

Separation is indicated if the 7th house is being occupied by malefic planets or seen by malefic planets. If the “planet of love” Venus, is hemmed or having any negative conjunction whether in the 7th. house or in any other house where it can be found malefic, then one can easily lose their partners.

Saturn and Mars connection can even create the situation that can lead to loss of partner’s life. From a marriage point of view, planet Jupiter and Venus are termed to be beneficial if placed in the 7th. house or if they have any connection in the 7th house. If the Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are placed in the house of marriage or having any connection with the house of marriage, the person has greater chances of failure in their marriage or relationship.
Lord Rama and Goddess Sita’s marriage compatibly points were 36 of 36 and their marriage was not successful. In this case, the point system can fail. Points are the last thing to consider. Once the above condition is satisfied, then the Manglik condition is also checked.
Let’s first talk about what a debilitated planet and or houses can indicate for a marriage or relationship. Debilitated planets mean the planet loses its strength. Debilitated planets can be positive or negative for the native’s chart. In a D-9 chart, if one partner has debilitated planets or houses and the other does not, this can be bad news. For the relationship to work, the partner with the chart whose houses or planets are debilitated needs equal power from their partner’s chart for the relationship to sustain itself because equal power will nullify the ill effects.

As an example, let’s say the native has Aquarius in their 1st. house (their ascendant) which is ruled by Saturn. This automatically means the 7th. house of marriage will be ruled by Leo- which is ruled by Sun. Saturn and Sun are enemies, and with Saturn directly above Leo, this depicts someone who is methodical and who can achieve great status. For the native’s 7th house, it means the native will have high expectations of their partner and children. Leo in the 7th. also shows a person who is more like a father figure to their spouse. In this same chart, the sun is debilitated as it sits in the 9th house and in Libra sign working as Lord ( #7 denotes Libra as Lord and Libra is ruled by Venus).

         Native’s Chart (Non-Manglik)
Now we will address the partner of this native. If Ketu is in the first house and they have a debilitated Venus in the same, we see someone where status, appearance and self-care, not a priority – which is quite the opposite of the Native’s Aquarius in the first house.

Partner’s Chart (Non-Manglik)

Ketu in the first house, places Rahu automatically in the 7th. house of marriage. Remember always that Ketu and Rahu are always positioned precisely opposite of each other no matter which house one is placed in.
With Rahu in the 7th house, one can expect to see someone who will have difficulty in marriage, and potential to be surrounded by those they do not trust. Additionally, this position can result in infidelity by the native. Illness to in-laws and spouse are also indicated.  Much depends on if malefic planets are involved.

Now we will talk about the Manglik vs. Non-Manglik condition. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, people born with the Manglik condition in their birth chart, are better suited for people with the same Manglik condition. Paired with a non-Manglik person means a lot argument, and infidelity can occur should a Manglik be in a relationship with a non-Manglik. If someone has the Manglik condition, they will have Mars in the 1st,4th.7th,8th. or 12th. house. A non-Mangal will not have Mars in any of these houses.

Let’s use an example of a Manglik person with a non-Manglik person. The Manglik person has Rahu & Mars in their First house with Cancer. Cancer is ruled by Moon and Rahu is enemies with Moon. Their Mars was is also debilitated due to these placements. As a general rule here, we will see someone whose primary goal is money and very materialistic. They are very likely to be deceptive, and selfish thanks to Rahu. Remember the 1st house is all about the mind and self. With Cancer in their first house, they can also be emotionally manipulative.

       Native’s Chart with Manglik Condition

In the same person’s chart, and in their 7th. house, they have Ketu and Capricorn (and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn). Ketu here, would show someone who is never satisfied with anyone partner and are critical. Since Capricorn is ruled by none other than Saturn, this can indicate failure and potential death to the partner or spouse.

The 7th. house represents spouse, partner, urinary organs, sexual affairs, sexual diseases, trade, desires speculation, diplomacy, travels, business tact and latent energies. Additionally, prostitution, conjugal happiness, quarrels with opposite gender, living abroad, nature of spouse and relationships with everyone

In this particular native’s chart Capricorn in the 7th. house also shows someone who will use their spouse to increase their status and gains. Capricorn is methodical, Ketu dissatisfied and critical not to mention detached.

What can we potentially expect from this combination of Rahu, Cancer & debilitated Mars directly above Ketu with Capricorn? Let’s also not forget the same person is Manglik. We can expect to see someone who could be deceptive, they will use their partner to gain money, influence and status. They will also be emotionally manipulative and if their Mercury is strong, we will see someone who is gifted with a silver tongue and very convincing to all. Someone of with these placements could be married to the most perfect and richest person in the world, but thanks to Ketu, it will not be enough. These are the negative potentials of someone with these placements. Much depends also on the placement of other planets.

Of course, other things are considered in the chart, but usually, a person with these placements should not count on any permanent relations with a non-Manglik. Should a Manglik with the aforementioned placements, join with a non-Mangal who has a strong Sun, Mars and Saturn, the Mangal native will usually lose in any attempts to deceive or out-maneuver the non- manglik.

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