Monday 11 June 2018

Kim Jong Un meets with Donald Trump

Kim Jong Un meets with Donald Trump

This is one of the most anticipated global events everyone is anxiously observing. 

Kim Jong Un’s Date of Birth: 08th.of January 1984 and

Trump’s Date of Birth: 14th. of June 1946.

Event occurrence: Singapore meeting at 09:00 am. Planets which are important to check: Sun, Moon, Rahu, Saturn, Mercury and most importantly, planet Jupiter.

The anticipated event date and place of occurrence is dominated by the Moon and very important because the Sun has a big impact on this date. As President Trump is in double Grahan Yoga, which very few people know about. He will be under a similar yoga with the Gaj Kesri Yoga. On the other side, Kim Jong will be under a malefic combination of planets tomorrow which will cause him to make impulsive decisions. As per Kim Jong Ung’s numerology, I can say that he is under Sharpit Yoga which will create a different kind of attitude during the meeting. Both planets Saturn and Rahu are very slow-moving planets creating the blockage in this thoughts. After comparing and checking his planetary strength, I see the day goes into President Trump’s favor, but this meeting will end without getting much accomplished. Due to malefic planets in Kim Jong Un’s numbers, the day will not be favorable nor progressive.

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