Sunday 17 June 2018

Fathers and Astrology

Fathers and Astrology

Firstly, I want to wish every father on this planet happy Father’s Day. Parents play a key role and both mother and father are equally important for a child. The first, five years after the birth of a child, the child impacts the mother. The next 5 years the child impacts the father.  The father acts as a natural protector, guardian, friend, teacher and a role model etc.

There is a belief to check the 10th. house and the Sun to determine father and child relationship. We often see that sometimes father gets immediate gains after a child’s birth or there may be some issues in the parents lives or some uncertainty within 10 years of birth.

To determine the correct relationship between the son and his father it becomes very important to check as follow:

 1.    First house: It is important to check the first house in anyone’s horoscope because this house gives an interpretation of our own life.

 2.    Fifth House: This house becomes extremely important to check as the 5th house is an indicator

 3.    Ninth house: I consider the 9th house as one of the most important houses compared to every other house. It is used to check father/ancestors.

P.s. There are several other features for one house, these are related to father as our main topic is for father.

There are key planets which play an important role in defining the father-child relationship. The Sun and planet Saturn connection in any horoscope make the big impact on the child. As the Sun is considered as Father and Saturn is considered to be the child, they both hold big enmity to each other.

If a child anytime wants to know how the father can be for the child, then he or she needs to check the first house of their father’s horoscope to determine his nature or personality or character.

From a father’s point of view, if he wants to know how the child will then house no. 5 of father horoscope and house no. 1 of child horoscope is to be checked. If any of them want to check the relationship then house no. 9 needs to be checked, the 9th. house connects us with our ancestors and father. It also provides the insight for one incarnation in the same house.

To get exact knowledge of a child from the father’s horoscope then D7 needs to be checked and D-12 needs to be checked from a child’s horoscope to check their father’s charts with the same D-5, D-6, D-8 and D-11 are considered to determine the relationship.

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