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What’s in store for you with May’s “Flower Moon”

What’s in store for you with May’s “Flower Moon”

In the ancient era and even today, whenever a person needs to check seasonal changes, the Moon is used as a tool to do this. From the beginning of time, we used the lunar month and its phases, and now we include the solar year as a tool as well.

Today we use terms like “Full Moon” or “New Moon”, before these terms were used, our ancient elders used names to describe the Full Moon. The Full Moon for the month of May was termed as the "Flower Moon". This was to imply that flowers bloom during the month of May.

It is very important to understand how this entire concept works and how it can impact you. All phases of the Moon do play a role in our horoscope.

The distance between the Sun and the Moon becomes an important criterion to understand the Full Moon, New Moon, Waxing or Waning Moon. Remember that the disposition and aspect of the moon can negatively or positively affect a person depending on where the Moon is located in their chart, and during a full moon.

The up and coming full moon will transit through the Sagittarius zodiac sign on 29th. of May 2018. As the moon represents our mind, our soul and our emotions it is going to create an impact accordingly for all 12 zodiac signs in the following manner:-

Sun - In Taurus
Moon - In Sagittarius
Mars - Capricorn
Mercury - Taurus
Saturn -Sagittarius
Venus - Gemini
Jupiter - Libra
Rahu -Cancer
Ketu -Capricorn

Special Note: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces moon signs show no planets at that time, but they will be impacted. Some people's moon sign in their natal chart is combust, which can also have an impact. If you are not sure, please consult me at your convenience.

If you know your moon sign, please see the list above to see which planet your moon sign will be sitting in, then please read below for a general forecast.

1) Sagittarius Sign:- As it is easily visible from the above imagine that the 1st house is our Ascendant or Lagna which is ruled by Sagittarius sign. Here it is important to mention that the 1st house represents our body and one's personality. On the full moon day, our 1st house will be occupied by planet Saturn and the Moon. As the Moon which rules our mind, emotions and soul is conjunct with Karmic planet Saturn, in Jupiter sign. It means for Sagittarius moon sign people the entire month of June will going to with full of negative surprises and a different king of the burden will remain on you. It can be either due to wealth or health or relationship or another thing which is important for you. This one-month phase and majorly fortnight from the day, is going to be bad for you.

Remedy: Try to maintain your ego to avoid issues.

2) Capricorn Sign:- This house is known for speech and wealth is occupied by planet Mars and Ketu (south node of the Moon). The results which are indicated in this space for people who are of Capricorn zodiac sign are a bit in terms of average. This sign is ruled by planet Saturn and where Ketu holds the friendships with the Saturn on one side and on the flip side Mars holds negative relationship. As this house is the house of speech, which means your words can become a reason for your success and failures, either way it will be what you say, that is going to determine what you will get as a payback.

Remedy: Try to control words.

3) Aquarius Sign:- The 3rd house is related to one’s courage and siblings and lord of this house which is already placed in the first house with the Moon is giving you a bit relief for Aquarius moon sign. You can expect some good news from your elders or friends or some lost hopes can revive, or some sudden gains can happen. Whatever be the case the major gains will be because of your timely actions. The flow of energy will be there which will lead you to tap up the right course of action.

Remedy: Listen to your instincts.

4) Pisces Sign: The 4th house is related to one’s home, luxury life, and mother. This full moon is going to be very beneficial for Pisces moon sign. Ruling planet Jupiter which is making a favorable case for luxuries and comfort in your life for this one month, you must try to take the opportunities whatever comes in for you.

Remedy: This situation can make a case of enough greed and placement of Jupiter is in the negative sign since 2017 Sep. It is important to control your greed and act quickly.

5) Aries Sign: The 5th house is related to intelligence level, education, and children and the ruling planet is already placed in the second house which is planet Mars. When we speak about Mars then we speak about anger for sure. Moon is cold and calm and Mars is very aggressive. Due to this placement, the coming month for you can be in your favor and great news can come up. Moon here giving you the calmness which is actually increasing your intelligence level leading to prosperity, It is the best time to make deals and gain the things from it.

Remedy: It’s better to understand that people who are younger than you, are human too. Don’t overreact impulsively with anyone,otherwise, things are in your favor.

6) Taurus: - The 6th house deals with enemies and secret issues, where planet Mercury becomes combust with Sun and in Venus sign. I will say this is the worse sign to be in for this particular time frame as nothing favors you at all. The more you try the more trouble will come. Some disease can happen too that can increase your tensions. It is a time where you are in mid of things as you won’t get any clarification for anything.

Remedy: When time is not in favor then it is better to lay low, as it is for one month only and not for entire life.

7) Gemini: The 7th house relates to our life partner, partnership, desires etc. and when the planet of love and desires "Venus" is placed in the house of Mercury, then nothing much to say for this connection. This time frame is all about what and how you can present the things. One small move can become a game changer for any relationship or related concerns. It is quite visible that Gemini moon sign will be going to get some mix result in this phase.

Remedy: Hold major decisions and try to conclude them after 10 June 2018, try to avoid arguments when it comes really connected to love ones.

8) Cancer Sign: The 8th house deals with the longevity and vulnerability of a native. People mostly misjudge this house and use this to consider the age of a person. The fact of matter here is this house deals with longevity in all aspects, for example if you are a student then how long you can study and what can be the possible outcomes and so on. When we check the coming month from the Moon sign perspective then we see here that Cancer sign is ruled by the Moon and the only sign which Moon rules. Full Moon is a state where the Moon commands with all power and brings brightness. Placement of Rahu in this sign indicates a that you can come to lose the power of judgment and can act in a bit chaos manner. No doubt here that you will remain under the command and will dominate but some negativity can occur which can spoil your mood.

Remedy: Do not take things for guarantee and avoid some major decision for the first week after the full moon.

9) Leo Sign:- The 9th house is related to religion, luck, and ethics and here the lord of the house is the Sun, which is known as the father of our solar system and also considered as to be father in our Vedic astrology. Placement of Sun in the 6 house is nullifying the bad results if any for the Leo sign. This nil impact will increase your luck and may bend you to be more religious in the coming month.

Remedy: As the things are looking good for you, you simply need to get rid of bad associates if any around you.

10) Virgo Sign:- The 10th house is related to the profession, father government sector, and reputation and due to the combustion of Mercury in the house of disease and enemies with conjunction with the sun and Moon conjunction with the Saturn in the first house is not bringing any good news for you for this particular month. If you are expecting any gains then they can stop, your hard work won’t pay you much and you can come under frustration.

Remedy: If you are into business then risks are not at all advisable. Speculations and gambling should be totally avoided.

11) Libra: The 11th house is related to gains and Income, speculation gains and what to expect when we see planet Jupiter is placed in it’s enemy sign since last year September. Almost 9 months now from such placement and now this flower Moon is all ready to give you the rewards which were missing before. No doubt there is an enmity but due to positive placement for the month of Venus here and an eye of Saturn to it, this is becoming positive for you and if are from Libra Moon sign then this is your chance you were waiting.

Remedy: Opportunity will not knock at your door, you need to snatch it and take advantage of this favorable time.

12) Scorpio Sign: The 12th house is related to expenditures and foreign connection. When the ruling planet is in the house of wealth where they are in the negative environment then it means this particular phase will impact your source of income adversely and lead to many unwanted expenses. This is not a good phase and you should curtail some unwanted expenses.

Remedy: Kindly save money and don’t lend to anyone to avoid losses.

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