Friday 25 August 2017

Horoscope and You

Horoscope & You

There are a total of 12 houses in each horoscope and each house has an important aspect which deals with our life and they are as follows:

1) The 1st house is our Ascendant or Lagna which represents our body and one's personality.
2) The 2nd house is known for speech and wealth.
3)The 3rd house is related to one’s courage and siblings.
4)The 4th house is related to one’s home, luxury life, and mother 
5)The 5th house is related to intelligence level, education, and children 
6)The 6th house deals with enemies and issues. 
7)The 7th house relates to our life partner, partnership, desires etc.
8)The 8th house deals with the longevity and vulnerability of a native. 
9)The 9th house is related to religion, luck, and ethics. 
10)The 10th house is related to the profession, father government sector, and reputation.
11)The 11th house is related gains and Income, speculation gains. 
12)The 12th house is related to expenditures and foreign connection. 

To live a better and peaceful life, we must know how planets in our individual horoscope impact our life and if you are looking for advice then you can book an appointment with me as always.

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