Sunday 10 September 2017

"Are you feeling the change" as Jupiter enters Libra sign on 12th September 2017

Jupiter enters Libra on the 12th of September 2017 and will become retrograde on the 09th March 2018 where it will remain retrograde until the 11th July 2018 (04 months) after that, it will again continue to be direct and will move in Libra sign until the 11th October 2018.  This one-year movement where it will aspect Libra sign, will last for 09 months and the remaining 4 months Jupiter will remain retrograde and keep again a very close eye on Virgo sign again.

Here we need to look into the very interesting table of planets which defines different planet’s friends and enemies.
Planets / Sign Lords
Friendly Planets
Neutral Planets
Enemy Planets
Sun rules Leo sign
Moon, Mars & Jupiter
Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Moon rules Cancer Sign
Sun, Mars & Jupiter
Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Moon is not an enemy to any other planet.
Mars rules Aries & Scorpio sign
Sun, Moon & Jupiter
Saturn & Ketu
Mercury, Venus & Rahu
Mercury rules Gemini & Virgo Sign
Venus, Saturn & Rahu
Sun, Moon & Ketu
Mars & Jupiter
Jupiter rules Sagittarius & Pisces Sign
Sun, Moon & Mars
Venus & Ketu
Mercury, Saturn & Rahu
Venus rules Taurus & Libra sign
Mercury, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu
Moon & Jupiter
Sun & Mars
Saturn rules Capricorn & Aquarius Sign
Mercury, Venus, Rahu & Ketu
Moon & Mars
Sun & Jupiter
Rahu no zodiac sign
Mercury, Venus & Saturn
Moon & Ketu
Sun, Mars & Jupiter
Ketu no zodiac sign
Venus & Saturn
Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter & Rahu

Note: Rahu and Ketu don’t rule any zodiac sign but they rule Nakshatras.  
A Nakshatra is Unique to Vedic astrology, in that the Nakshatras, or lunar constellations, are directly connected to the Moon and her myriad of expressions. The above table might bring some interesting facets of different planets behaviors and their friendly/enemy planets.  

Jupiter which is known for its wisdom and considered as a judge, always favors facts and it offers greater knowledge to a person. Jupiter clearly pinpoints the good & bad deeds. Therefore, Jupiter is in perfect condition but it is also in rare form
You might be wondering how enemy planets impact Jupiter in your horoscope. Or possibly, what the outcome is when Jupiter is placed in an enemy sign. Consider that we all have Jupiter in our horoscopes and each of us will experience a Jupiter transit. Will this transit be beneficial to you? It really depends on how the planets were placed at the time of your birth.
Whenever changes occur, human or natural, will it have an impact on us? The answer here is very simple friends.  Changes will impact us all differently whether favorable or not. Planetary changes have similar aspects as it can be in your favor or it can be against you and it can have an impact on you and those you love.  

The above table where I mentioned the planetary position - is to offer an indication of which planets will be impacted the most. When I say “impacted” it means good, bad, or neutral as every horoscope has a different impact. How much it will impact an individual all depends on the placement of planets, their degrees, signs and aspect to other planets. This is relative to the moon sign.

If you want to know the impact of Jupiter according to your chart, please message me a to book your schedule accordingly. Please include your date & time of birth including the location in your initial email to me. Fees are contingent on your requirements and will be divulged at our preliminary meeting via email.

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