Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Stop Smoking!

Stop Smoking! 

                                                          SMOKING KILLS

As we all know, smoking kills. We somehow forget this when we smoke. Some even become addicted to smoke, which is the worse things for any human being. It's not easy to stop smoking or any form of addiction as our body gets used to with the activities and we become weak from inside. Let's stop smoking.

The Moon which controls one's emotions and habits is the biggest reason which makes one addicted. Today let's take an oath to control it, as it is for you who are reading here or for someone who is a dear one for you. We need to watch the placement of Moon and the best time when Moon become weak is the time of "Waning Moon". Now if we know the placement of Saturn and the time Saturn makes an angle in one horoscope via "degree transit" this best time to quit smoking.

If you need to control or quit smoking you need to find the placement of Saturn Transit with Waning Moon as Saturn is a planet which is known for Judgment and the Moon’s power is diminished when it coexists with Saturn. Saturn acts as a teacher which can give all guidance to one’s life. If you want to know the placement when you can start scheduling to stop smoking then you can book a schedule with me as always.

                                                              STOP TODAY
Disclaimer: Please note that astrology readings are for fun and recreation and are not considered a final resolution to pending issues. Consultations are at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any results of your decisions. Being an astrologer, here I would bring in the notice to everyone that everything which happens in our life has some reason which we can correlate with planetary movements and sure can get results which can definitely give us the guidance to win from any situation.

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Karan Manchanda
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