Sunday 15 July 2018

Three Months of Hell

Three Months of Hell
  By Manchanda Karan

“A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough!” – Bruce Lee
I’ll cut to the chase in this article and simply say that July through August and to the beginning of September will be difficult worldwide. First, we have Mercury in a retrograde and now it is in the “Pre- Shadow” week phase, which can be quite potent. It will intensify July 21 st. through July 24 th. and then go direct July 25 th. and July 26 th.

Overall, Mercury rules communication. This could be communication at work, home, travels, relationships and it can play havoc with the devices we use to communicate with. Mercury will be in the sign of Leo this phase, so expect to see an air of arrogance and authority in people’s tones even soft-spoken people.

It’s best to find where Mercury is transiting one’s personal chart to see a more specific idea of how Mercury may affect one specifically during this Mercury Retrograde. It’s been said never to marry, sign contracts or start new projects during Mercury retrograde, but it is a great time end old contracts, legal disputes etc. My best advice overall is for people to stay calm, not react, take no offense no matter how enticing a debate or argument may be. Keep in mind the media is also ruled by Mercury, and the media can be quite influential when inspiring opinions.

And now for the Lunar Eclipse.

On July 27 th. we will be experiencing a Lunar eclipse and from that point forward I am expecting to see chaos worldwide. Earthquakes, Tsunamis and unusually hot weather and fires. Terrorist activities may be on an increase again and riots may occur over political opposition worldwide. We may anticipate seeing families fighting, and of course the stock market will fall. Female politicians will be exposed for dishonesty and President Trump will of course experience more difficulties, but he will survive it. I would say arrogance and dishonesty will be deal breakers for many. Emotions will run high at times.

The Lunar eclipse is not the phase responsible for this, as Mars will also be in retrograde and of course let’s not forget Mercury is also actively in retrograde. Mars represents raw unharnessed energy and in a negative phase, it will cause people to say and do things without thinking resulting in chaos, arguments and fights. Pair this phase with Mercury retrograde and it’s a ticking time bomb for irrationality.  Again, it’s ideal to see where Mars is also transiting in one’s chart.

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