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By Manchanda Karan

One type of Astrological reading I frequently run into is clients who have a loved one with an addiction or psychological issues like depression or some other psychosis. Sometimes the clients themselves will have an addiction or mental instability. As an astrologer, I can usually tell who has these issues or at the very least, the potential for addictions or psychosis simply by their chart without the client saying a word. Please refer to the link below: 
Never Give Up

I can also see the how a person is destined to die and many times if there is an issue with addictions and or psychosis, the houses and planets associated with death will go hand in hand with placements showing addictive behavior. For example, people who have addictions to food and are obese, we can then see their house of death which will show someone destined to die from heart attack, stroke or diabetes. The 6th house represents diseases, but other houses represent psychological instability.  Please refer to the link below: 

Astrology and Death 

Today I am addressing mainly mental afflictions. In some people’s charts we can see someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol then looking at their house of death and planets, we see the result of their addictions. Sometimes their death will not be their addiction, but an illness derived of the addiction. This is not one of my favorite readings to do.

I always check a person’s Moon because the Moon is the main significator of a person’s will and emotions. If afflicted, then I expect to see problems. Another example is if Moon is afflicted and placed with Rahu or Ketu and if Mercury is debilitated and sitting in its own Nakshatra. Another combination can be when the moon is afflicted and placed with either Rahu or Ketu this means it is eclipsed and within 5° which gives negative results.

Another possibility is if Rahu and Ketu are sitting in the 1st. and 7th. Axis or vice versa, and with a debilitated Mars, this is another potential sign of mental illness. Remember that Mars represents raw energy or power and it can make or break the energy and will. There are many combinations.

Planets related to mental wellness or Instability are: Moon Mercury Rahu Ketu. The houses related to mental wellness or instability are: 1st 2nd 4th 8th 12th.

The signs related to mental wellness or instability are:

Cancer -  Cancer represents emotions and will
Scorpio - Negative and sexual energy
Pisces   -  Delusions and hallucinations

Yes, we can consider the 6th house, but is more a significator of physical illness and not the mental illness. Psychosis, addiction and matters as such are not easy to manage for anyone, but knowing about the potential in advance may help as a preventative.

If you may wish to have your chart checked for any planets and looking for an in-depth analysis, then you can book an appointment as always.

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