Sunday 1 July 2018

Sunburned Planets

Sunburned Planets

Summertime brings fun in the Sun but too much Sun not only affects our skin, it can affect our horoscope!

For anyone who has ever had their chart read by an astrologer, they may have heard the astrologer use the term; “Combusted planet”. The basic meaning of a combusted planet in an astrology chart indicates one or more planets are too close to the sun, thereby weakening the positive qualities of the planet and in turn it also affects the house where this combustion takes place.

Keep in mind that each house also represents specific aspects of our lives. Typically, when the Sun is conjunct with a planet in a house, this means it will brighten the qualities of that planet in the house where it is placed, but if the same planet or planets are too close – watch out! 

As an example, let’s say someone has Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house and Mercury is combusting (The sun is too close). The second house represents our material possessions and how we go about earning those possessions. Mercury represents communication and intelligence.

In this instance, we may observe someone who procrastinates and takes too long to make important financial decisions, or they may be bad at saving money.

Degree of planetary combustion       

Jupiter becomes combust at 15°         
Savings, family, speech, studies and gains.

Saturn becomes combust at 14°         
Career skipping, health problems with bones and joints, and issues with uncles and boss.

Mars becomes combust at 11°            
Anger issues, motivation and willpower is lost, tasks are incomplete.

Mercury becomes combust at 6.2°     
Creates confusion in thinking, comprehension and slow decision making.

Venus becomes combust at 8 °
Your spouse, vehicles, luxuries, arts and home evaporate – indicates divorces.
Moon becomes combust at 7 °           
Mind becomes darkened, depression, mental agony, angry, lack of energy – ruins relationship with mother and father relationship.

There is an opposite effect when the Sun encounters Rahu and Ketu. Instead of the Sun burning up the energies of either, it is said that the Sun loses its power. Both eclipse the Sun. Considering that Rahu and Ketu are malefic naturally, this can impact the positive qualities of a sun placement in the house where it resides.

The other consideration when checking for combusted planets is whether the planets are in retrograde, as this could potentially mean they are not actually combust. There are other factors to consider when reviewing a chart for combusted planets. Astrologers must also consider debilitated and exalted planets, which we will cover in our next article.

If you’ve experienced or noticed a perpetual negative pattern in one aspect of your life, you may wish to have your chart checked for any planets which may be combust.

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