Tuesday 10 January 2017

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma -Are they a pair made in Heaven?

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma -Are they a pair made in Heaven?

                           Virat Kohli   
Date of birth - 05.Nov.1988 
Time of birth - 10:28 am 
Place of birth - New Delhi,  India 

                           Anushka Sharma 
Date of birth - 01.May.1988
Time of birth - 03:01 am 
Place of birth - Ayodhya,  Up, India

Analysis                                              Points
Varan(Work)                                        1/1
Vaishya(Personal Relationship)          2/ 2
Tara (Destiny)                                    1.5/3
Yoni (Mental Comptibility)                  0/45
Griha(Nature)                                      5/5
Gan(Social Relationship)                    0/6
Bhakoot(Life)                                       0/7
Nadi(Physical Compatibility)               8/8
Total                                                17.5/36

To marry or not – that’s a big question!

Bollywood and cricket are two subjects near and dear to millions of Indians worldwide. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, are two famous celebrities who live in the hearts of millions. 
Their relationship is no secret and they have been in the news for quite some time. Many of my friends, readers and clients wanted me to predict the possibility of marriage between these two.  As we all know and it's very rightly said; "Pairs are made in heaven and settle on the earth". 

Are these two a pair made in heaven? Are they meant to settle together here on earth?
I think not! After reviewing their planetary positions, it would be a great oversight on my part to say; “ Yes” to any matrimonial union between these two.

Here’s why..

Virat and Anushka are Manglik.  When making a compatibility chart, one of the most important considerations in a couple’s chart is whether both partners are Manglik or not. These two are both Manglik which is a good news. Most any astrologer would agree this is a good start as couples who both have Manglik Dosha will cancel out the effects of the other’s Manglik Dosha. Thank Goodness! They have been together for quite some time and this point gives them a big "Thumbs UP". 

Now for their compatibility points…

Their compatibility table gives only 17.5 marks out of 36 which clearly shows this is not a good match when it comes to marriage.

The important points are lacking in their Bhakoot and Gan which doesn't satisfy the conditions for longevity in their relationship. The overall big picture says they will remain in a relationship till next year around April 2018 then move on with their lives separately.

DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and the astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.

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Warm Regards
Manchanda Karan

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