Thursday 19 January 2017

Donald Trump's Inauguration as 45th President of the USA

Donald Trump's Inauguration as 45th President of the USA

Firstly, I would like to congratulate Mr Trump & his family for their triumph!

Secondly, I would like to congratulate America on your New President.
Americans have spoken through their votes and they have shown they want definite and positive change.
It’s been a great pleasure predicting the United States Elections and President Trump victory on 21 May 2016.

On 22 Feb 2016 when I first published President horoscope, I came to a conclusion that the strength of planetary position in his horoscope speaks about his dedication to being President and he will achieve that and will surprise his critics and on 21.May.2016, I made my mind as got 100% confirmation about his winning and we know what happened on 08 Nov 2016  here are my links below:- 

President Trump victory analysis on 21 May 2016:-

President Trump horoscope on 22 Feb 2016 link-

Now, what next? 
                                       President Trump 

will Make America Great Again

 Planets strengths and weakness

As quoted in my previous article, President Trump is under the transit of Jupiter + Jupiter which commenced from May 01 2016 and will continue until August 20th. 2018. Additionally, there is the Saturn Sade-Sati in second phase which is ending on January 26th, 2017. This transit will enter the last phase of Sade-Sati(7.5 years)on January 26th.2017.

A strong placement of Jupiter and Saturn made him the President of the United States. Jupiter will help in this phase, to motivate Mr. Trump towards different fields which will produce more knowledge and wisdom for his role as president.

There will be a subtle change in Mr. Trump’s nature and this placement of Jupiter will make Mr. Trump more social and action-oriented. We can expect to see a rise in his popularity.

Some of Mr. Trump’s decisions, will surprise people. The decisions will come in this period and it will be very effective for his endeavors. There will be a lot of useful contacts which will yield well and relations will be stronger towards other nations. 

An expansion in trade/business is well evident in this period. Service and jobs will come in this phase and people will enjoy his term. 

The attitude of Mr. Trump’s family members will be excellent. I mentioned in my article on December 24th. 2016, his daughter Ivanka, will bring more luck to him and the members of his cabinet. Ivanka is going to play a key role in her father’s success.

here is my link:-

The third and last phase of Sade-Sati begins with the transit of Saturn into the sign of Sagittarius. In the third phase, Saturn remains in the sign Sagittarius its friendly planet Jupiter. 

Here Saturn is positioned in the second house while ruling the third and fourth houses. With this position of Saturn, will bring more respect to President Trump. 

Present hard-work and labor will be cultivated into results. Placement of Saturn here, will offer more opportunity in fields of Oil-Vessels. The combination of Saturn with Venus will bring more travel to different nations which will bring more friends and everything will be fruitful in this phase. 

Saturn is a planet of justice and it will bring name and fame in society but with that some tensions will arise in the beginning of the next 2.5 years, but President Trump will apply his efforts and will deal with every situation. This will help him to come out from it easily and his enemies will not be able to do anything. 

According to the combination of planets of Ivanka and President Trump, weakness in each other’s horoscope will be solved by this father-daughter duo and I am sure from the study of the planets and their placement that Trump’s enemies will try a lot but will not be able to prevail against President Donald Trump as:-
This Father-Daughter duo will Make America Great Again

Last but not the least "ALL THE BEST President Trump".

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