Thursday 12 January 2017

The existence of Rahu(North node) and Ketu(South node)

The existence of Rahu(North node) and Ketu(South node).

As we all know, Vedic astrology is considered as a mother of all forms of Astrology. From a Western astrology point of view we see North Node and South Node and from Vedic astrology, we refer to these same nodes as “Rahu” and “Ketu”. Both are the same just the names are different.

How did “Rahu” and “Ketu” come into the existence? According to Hindu mythology, there are Devas (Angels) and Asuras (Demons) who were fighting for nectar, when it was decided the nectar would be distributed equally for the sake of justice. One of the Asuras became greedy and wanted more nectar. One of the Asuras namely "SvarBhanu" decided to expedite the process of obtaining the nectar for all Asuras and chose to steal all the nectar, so he changed himself into a Deva (Angel).

Devas were given an opportunity to drink first, all the Nectar they could acquire. In greed, SvarBhanu changed himself into an Asuras so he could be first to drink the Nectar. He also desired to distribute the nectar with the other Asuras.
SvarBhanu drank the Nectar which passed through his throat. On knowing this Lord Vishnu destroyed his neck from his "Sudarshan Chakra". Due to the power of the nectar, SvarBhanu could not die. Instead, his head and body were separated. Lord Shiva indicated that due to the nectar,” SvarBhanu” acquired powers and could never die.

SvarBhanu’s head was conjoined with the body of a snake which is known as” Rahu” or North Node and the Snake’s head was conjoined with “SvarBhanu’s” body known as “Ketu” or South Node.

In one’s life, they both play a key role. If they are placed well, then a person would be wise to choose occupations like politics, finance, investment etc.

If anyone would like to know their two sub-planets”Ketu” & “Rahu” placements, and their effects in your personal chart, then feel free to contact me.

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