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UK elections and its results from Astrology/Numerology

UK elections and its results from Astrology/Numerology

How and why this election is very important for entire Europe and the World.
Today on 8 June 2017, where voting just started and the entire world wanted to know how it can result later this late evening. Recent opinion polls suggested a close fight between the Conservatives, after a Labour surge.

Let's see how things can shape up from Numerology and who can come out as a winner. Last year on 16 June 2016 when I predicted for The Brexit there was similar kind of situations and on 24 June 2016 that happened which shocked many political pundits and interestingly nobody anticipated that at all.

Now due to the very short frame of time and several requests to predict the outcome(though any big political events are always risked as an astrologer need to depend on data available on the Internet), I'm trying to bring the results through numerology.

Let's take some important dates which are as follow-

Brexit Day- 24 June 2016 which means a day which is ruled by Number 3 (Jupiter) and current transit of the UK is of Rahu, which I explained in my previous blog.

Theresa May - 01 Oct 1956
(date of birth) which means Number 5 and planet Mercury, she has the wonderful quality to change the winds in her favor.

Jeremy Corbyn's - 26 May 1949 (date of birth) which means Number 9 and planet Mars, here he becomes daring and bring all his courage to fight until the last moment.

08 June 2017 (the day of election) which means Number 6, planet Venus. Today is a day which will be very dynamic and people will see surprises.


As I said before the UK is under Rahu transit which is a bad transit (this is a reason which resulted into the Brexit, details available in my previous article of 16 June 2016) and now as an astrologer, I need to find out the best compatibility for the above combination.

According to my analysis this day will turn in favor of Theresa May for sure, as on comparing the desired outcome I feel there are greater chance that she will repeat as the next Prime Minister and lot of people who are anticipating different outcome will end today in zero hopes and it will create sadness in many as dynamic is a nature of Venus and Mercury being strong today, therefore, it will be Theresa May who will be become the Lady of The Day.

Disclosure: All astrology analysis are based on calculation and kindly keep in mind that Astrologer is only Human Being and not God.

If you need your horoscope analysis then you can book a schedule as always.

Best Regards
Manchanda Karan
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