Wednesday 21 June 2017

Time + Events + Blessings = Success

It is always an honour to analyse some successful events by the grace of God and from the blessings of my family and friends which are as following big events:-

Ø Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton prediction in the month of Jan 2016 and Feb 2016 for winning the nomination to fight for the Presidency of The USA.

Ø   Trump vs. Hillary analysis on 21st May 2016, declaring Donald Trump to be the next president well before 6 months from the event.

Ø On 16th June 2016 I anticipated for “The Brexit”.

Ø Immediately on 26th June 2016, after the Brexit, I predicted for UK future for the UK split vote & Scotland Independence which announced in the month of March 2017.

Ø On 30 August provided a “Remedy for ALL” which was my 3rd highest viewing blog with approx 5000 views till date.

Ø On 24 Dec 2016, predicted for Ivanka Trump inclusion in Trump’s cabinet which nobody anticipated.

Ø On 19th Jan 2017 analyzed President Trump transit and how planets can shape his term.

Ø  Made very clear on 22nd Feb 2017 that Marine Le Pen will win the first round of Presidency in France and on 04th April almost 50 days before predicted for Macron to be the new president of France.

Ø On 27th April predicted for Anthony Joshua in a boxing match against Wladimir Kalisthicho and not only this as I further predicted for the round in which the winner will be decided. 

Ø  Successfully Predicted for FOMC decisions for 3 consecutive times.
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