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Hello everyone, I want to thank everyone who has liked my page as it's crossed 12,000 visitors on 02/June/2016. It gives me a great motivation to see that a year later this blog becomes not known to anyone, as I would like to thank all my readers, as it is possible because of you, my readers and your love & respect. Without your support and encouragement, I just have information with no outlet.
Today I'm revealing an important correlation of planets which is not known by many people in this world, that is the relationship between the Sun & Saturn.

According to Science the Sun, is known as the father of the solar system and made up of gases and is considered to be the largest object in the solar system that we have observed so far. When we come from an astrological point of view it is considered as the father of all planet's and used to study the Soul or (Atma) and fatherhood.

Now, if we talk about Saturn, the planet's from which many fears, as it's considered as a malefic planet but it gives everything according to our KARMA and if our Karma is good then Saturn can potentially reward us and act as a great benefactor.

These are the basics and most people know that if they have had their horoscope reading before but I can guarantee that many people in the western countries don't know about the relationship between the Sun and Saturn.

Sun and Saturn are father and son and are enemies to each other. Saturn is an elder brother of Yamaraj (The Hindu God of Death) and son of the Sun and Chhaya (Chhaya means shadow) and Saturn has many personality traits of his mother Chhaya.

One story according to Hindu mythology says that when Saturn first opened his eyes as a baby, the Sun went into an eclipse for the very first time.
"It's right to say that Saturn disowns or dislikes everything which attributes to Sun".

Another story says that one day Saturn was very hungry and asked his mother to give him food but his mother Chhaya replied that she will offer food first to her God (husband the Sun) then, she will provide food for Saturn, and upon hearing this Saturn became very angry and kicked his mother. In response, his mother cursed Saturn that he will lose his leg and live with one leg as a limb.

Saturn complaint the same to his father and Sun replied him that he cannot give him his leg back as he has to live as limb,but can bless him and can give him a power to act as a "judge" and give people rewards or punishment according to their karma,Saturn's full transit is 19 years long which can be very painful for those people whose Karma is bad, as Saturn gives rewards according to KARMA and this is one of the reasons for a long transit, as many believe that Saturn moves slowly because of his one leg.

If both the Sun and Saturn are placed in one house or are looking at each other's houses then it's considered bad for the native sign.Remedies that are suggested for Saturn is to wear a Blue Sapphire and for the Sun to wear a Ruby which can reduce the negative effects of both the planets and can provide good luck to the native. Timing is also a key component before wearing any gemstone.

If anyone needs their horoscope reading then contact me

Disclaimer - I'm only a human being and not god and all of the above stories are referenced from Shani Chalisa with no intention to hurt anyone's sentiments and if there are any mistakes I am open to making those changes.

Best Regards

Manchanda Karan

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