Friday 24 June 2016

What next for United Kingdom Brexit

What next for the United Kingdom "Brexit" 

Hello, everyone! I analysed for "Brexit or No Brexit" on 16/June/2016 and predicted for Brexit and it has happened today on
24/June /2016, it's a tough call to make.

Now, what’s next for the UK? Some are saying that it’s Independence day for the UK and saying UKIP. Some are saying the UK is a new born baby who is going to compete with the rest of the world on its own.

It's all about the UK today, and it's a big day and honour for me to be a part of a change and history.

Now, as I previously stated in my past blog, I mentioned that the UK is having a transit of Rahu with Jupiter which is never considered a good combination at all. This same combination will continue for the next entire year.

Those who are thinking this will affect the entire UK from current transit are wrong. Things just started and they will face many troubles in this first year until June 2017. The UK may not be the same. As of now, it may endure financial devastation, which means some of its states may consider remaining a part of Europe and not the UK.

In short, it's a tough year for the United Kingdom and if they manage to be united for the first year from now then they may consider a big win for the UK.

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