Thursday 16 June 2016

Brexit or No Brexit

Brexit or No Brexit

Date of birth - 01/Jan/1801
Time          - 00:01
Place         - London UK 

Source Internet 

"Brexit or No Brexit" everyone is talking about this whether in India or in Europe or in the USA or in the country itself the UK. It's a topic for debate all over the world.

Thought to analyse it before the event and doing one week before on 16/June/2016.

Planetary Position

Planets                Sign               Degree 
Ascendant          Virgo               16:16          
Sun                  Sagittarius         19:06
Moon                  Gemini            28:22
Mars                    Aries              20:42
Mercury            Scorpio             26:29
Jupiter(R)          Cancer             10:44
Venus               Capricorn          25:27
Saturn                  Leo                02:20
Rahu(R)              Pisces             23:16
Ketu(R)                Virgo              23:16 

Current transit of Rahu Started from May 2012 to May 2030 and Sub transit of Jupiter started from Jan 2015 and will continue till June 2017, if we check both Rahu and Jupiter then they both are retrograde and retrograde of Jupiter is not considered good at all (Retrograde means a situation of a planet when its moves one step backward).

Jupiter is in 11th house from ascendant and  in Cancer which is ruled by Moon. Rahu is in the 7th house from ascendant and in Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter. It is very important to mention that both Jupiter and Rahu are enemies in nature and have a conflict.

Jupiter is known as a symbol of wisdom and justice. Whereas Rahu represent the severed head of an "Asura"(Devil) and both planets enjoy the opposing sides of each other.

Here it is also important to mention that Brexit is going to take place on 23/June/2016. According to numerology its number '2' (2+3+0+6+2+0+1+6=20, which means Number 2) and the number '2'  is ruled by planet "Moon".
Coincidently, Jupiter is placed in sign "Cancer" which is ruled by "Moon". The Moon also sees bad interaction with Rahu. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter +Moon versus Rahu, indicates Rahu will dominate and win the battle. In other words, I can confidently say Brexit will happen. We are going to witness Britain is going to leave Europe(if the information I.e date of birth and time, available on the internet is correct).

So, according to my analysis, there are very good chances of "BREXIT".

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