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                                           NEXT PRESIDENT FOR USA
                                               HILLARY VS TRUMP



Who is going to be the face of USA

Today everyone is talking about the oldest continuous democracy in the world which is heading for a new Presidential Election in Nov 2016.

Some are saying Mr Donald J. Trump, some are saying for the first female President Mrs Hillary Clinton and some are still whispering the name of Mr Bernie Sanders.

As an astrologer, I feel blessed to see the possible outcome before it happens and today on 21/May/2016 almost 6 months before I'm going to take the risk in front of my regular audience and in front of the entire world by predicting the possible outcome as I'm not in favour of anyone and am only analysing the planetary cycles, their strengths and weakness. 

As you all know earlier I analysed the horoscope for Hillary Clinton on 28/Dec/2015, Bernie Sanders on 31/Jan/2016 and Donald J. Trump on 22/Feb/2016.

Why Bernie? Let's be in suspense until my next blog and let's analyse the best horoscope between Hillary and Trump.

First, let's analyse Mrs Clintons current transit from today to 8/Nov/2016. 

The following are important things to keep in mind:

Madam Clinton is under the Sub transit of Jupiter which started on Oct 2015 and is going to end on Feb 2017 and the main transit is the Moon which started from 2012 and is going to end in 2022, where the Moon is in Pisces and this combination forms what is known as: "GAJ KASERI YOGA." 

GAJ means Elephant and Kesri means Lion. 
When combined this yoga translates like this: Elephant + Lion = POWER.

"Nothing looks bad here with Mrs Clinton's horoscope"

Secondly, here is Trump's analysis as follows:
Mr Donald J. Trump is under the main transit of Jupiter which started from 01 May 2016 which is going to end in the year 2032 and a sub transit of Jupiter which started from the same date with Saturn Sade-Sati in its second phase which started from 2014 and will end on Jan 2017, 

This combination of Jupiter+Jupiter+Saturn is going to be very favourable for him and a powerful combination too, as Saturn is placed with Venus and in the 12th house from his ascendant and the lord of this house is the Moon. The combination of Saturn+Venus=Excellent.

In brief, "all is good with Trump's horoscope."

Conclusion :

If we analyse individual horoscope's everything is okay with both horoscope's but if we analyse by comparing them, this is what it looks like:
Hillary vs Trump or you can say Moon+Jupiter vs Jupiter+Jupiter+Saturn. Here we can see more strength in the horoscope of Mr Trump if we compare it with Mrs Clinton's horoscope. 

As the combination of a transit of Jupiter with Jupiter is a great combination, and can be understood as "two strong wrestlers standing on one side" and it adds more strength when the combination of planets like "Venus+Saturn" which is considered the best combination in astrology. 

Not only this, we see in Trump's chart that the Moon is debilitated which gives him the courage to fight any odds against him and helps him in overcoming obstacles more gracefully. 

As we all know Trump's name was legally declared on 04/May/2016 when Ted Cruz withdrew his name from the race which also, at the same time, is when Trump's new transit started May 2016. 

So according to the analysis in my opinion
Donald J. Trump is going to be the next face of The United States of America and can optimistically "Make America Great Again."

Disclaimer: I'm neither a supporter of any one candidate nor am I living in the USA. I have no personal investment in any of this and this analysis is totally based on calculations of planetary cycles. It is an objective analysis. I am a human being and not a God. 

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Warm Regards, 

Manchanda Karan

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