Sunday 29 April 2018


Indian Premier League is famously known as "IPL" is in its 11 seasons. Each day a thrilling match brings surprises on everyone face. No doubt it is world famous league or on the verge of becoming number 1.

When it comes to cricket then we believe that cricket is the heart of 1.30 billion Indian leaving worldwide and when all top class players from the world come together that known to be IPL.

Today, I am writing this article where I am focusing on an important match which is going to be played between Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)  and Rajasthan Royals (RR).

Let's analyse which two captains planetary position are more favorable and who can dominate the game, leading to a win for their side.
Ajinkya Rahane (Rajasthan Royals) vs Kane Williamson (Sunrisers Hyderabad)

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I will say Sunrisers have the best bowling attack comparing to every other team in this IPL season, where they proved in their last two games by winning two low scoring matches where they surprised me for sure when then defended just 117 total against Mumbai Indians. No doubt why they are at the second place in the points table and why they deserve to be at no. 1 spot as they are extremely talented and proved their passion, whereas the Royals who played their last match on 22 April 2018 where they even managed to score thrilling victory, but when the performance is concerned then the odds definitely favor Sunrisers comparing to the Royals are at no. 5 positions with 3 wins and 3 loss in this season.
Let's analyse whose planetary positions favors more and who can win this game in style.

Kane Williamson (SRH): His date of birth is 08 August 1990, which means 08+08+1990 = Number 08, which means planet Saturn
Ajinkya Rahane (RR):  His date of birth is 06 June 1988 which means 06+06+1988 = Number 02, which means planet the Moon.


Today (29 April 2018), this match going to take place in Jaipur (Rajasthan). As per today, the North Node of the Moon rules its nakshatra and it's in Libra sign. Here it is an amazing combination becomes where on one side radical number favors the Royals (RR) and on the other side destiny number favors the Sunrisers (SRS) and in this way the match will be 50/50 and can go anywhere at any time, this match going to be worth of time for a viewer to watch and enjoy game of cricket.

Of course, we need one winner and now everyone will be curious to know which team can actually take this game in it's favor.

Will the winning streak end for Sunrisers? Can the Royals continue their last Sunday performance? A cricket lover will ask all things and today after analysing the numbers just one thing which comes in much favor for Kane Williamson is the combination of double Moon with Rahu and Saturn, so this match can go in favors for the Sunrisers

I would like to wish both the captains/teams and may the best one win today.

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