Tuesday 24 April 2018

"Crime can lead to Jail? Check your planets with Astrology"

"Crime can lead to Jail? Check your planets with Astrology"

Every parent starts dreaming for their children future immediately after the birth.  They may see him or her to be a doctor or an engineer or a scientist or a lawyer etc.

Generally, most parents have a tendency to dream in advance for the well-being of their children and plan accordingly so that they can achieve success which they could not have in their own life.

When the child grows up they start getting the knowledge for their desired field as per their dreams, knowledge and understanding.
Here I would like to ask one question to my readers that being a parent, do you ever think that your child will visit "Jail" someday for some criminal activity? Or being a responsible citizen of your country, will you ever dream to get punishment under the law for doing some illegal activity? The answer here is obviously "NO".

We may not think wisely while doing some sin or some crime because one's "Moon" becomes get severe damage, which of course control our emotions or thoughts that lead to the commencement of some illicit activity.

Due to the weakness of the Moon, the person gets criminal thoughts and gets motivation due to the influence of other malefic planet acting on the Moon.
This particular feel gets the huge push when nodes of the Moon i.e. the North Node which is "RAHU" and the South Node which is "KETU" or some malefic planets like the Saturn which direct connection with the Moon or create any influence on the Moon. This can force one to commit any kind of crime and it can be small in nature or something big.

Now the question which comes to everyone mind that whether the person will get the punishment or one can get escape from the crime which got committed by them.

As explained above, that the Moon which plays the key role when it comes with the direct contact of malefic planets like the Rahu or the Ketu or the Saturn (though planet Saturn, which is known for an impact according to our karma). As in all criminal cases, planet Saturn loses its positivity, that leads to total brainwash.

The following combination are very important to have an idea whether one can go to the jail or no:-

1)  An astrologer must do detailed analysis of the 1st house and if planet "Saturn" is placed there (here it is very important to study the sign in which planet Saturn is placed in the 1st house, with the position of the Satrun in terms of its degree's and condition), with the study of the 10th house and if the Moon is placed in the 10th house (again need to see the sign in which it is placed with its degree and conditions) with an important condition that planet Venus either eye the Moon which is placed in the 10th house, by placement in the 04th house or planet Venus eye the 1st house from the 7th house.

If such unique combination are present in the horoscope of a person, then the chances increase for one to go the jail whether it can be for a day or for weeks or months or for years.

2) The second combination depends on 05 malefic planetary combinations and they should be placed in the 2nd house or in the 5th house or in the 9th house or in the 12th house, the planets are the "Sun, Mars, Saturn and the nodes Rahu & Ketu". 

It should be very important to understand here, that if one has any Jail connection and they are guilty then this combination are present in their horoscope. There are several cases, where people get stuck in some criminal activity without 100% influenced by planets mentioned above.

As these combinations can have little impact on the native and the punishment can be for short term or one can face the trail and things can come in their favors.
There is a saying that no mother gives birth to a criminal, our situation or our surroundings etc, can make one criminal, we commit the crime sometime in a planned manner or sometimes accidentally.

The matter of fact is for both instance we can get the punishment and even sometimes we get punished for crimes we never did, for instance, some great freedom fighters went to the jail for some great cause.
In a whole, the combination can be calculated before and one can get the entire idea of the punishment if any. If you are facing any criminal charges then you can contact me to know what can happen and we can reduce the consequences by doing some remedies accordingly.
If you are looking for complete guidance and want to know the exact impact on you then you can fix a schedule and we can fix an appointment accordingly.

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