Sunday 19 November 2017

Happy New Year 2018 Or?

Happy New Year 2018 Or?

We typically wish everyone “Happy New Year” on the 01st of January every year, but in doing so, we have no idea how the year will be for everyone. We need to know what our horoscopes have in store for us and what can happen in that time frame.

So many songs and stories have been written about the Moon. Farmers have used it for thousands of years to plant their crops worldwide. We can predict tidal movements by it. Some use it to catch fish or do various projects around the home and garden according to Moon’s placement. Medical and Beauty professionals use its placement as a reference too.

"2018" is going to be a year where the Moon dominates. As we know, the Moon rules one’s emotions and inner thoughts. It affects our internal and external world like the sun. People will be more inclined to make decisions and react to things based on their emotions. We must also consider that the Moon like other planets has its enemies, and its friends. The combination, of Moon and other planets in each person’s chart, can bring auspicious or inauspicious results.

I would like to advise all my friends to have a better future ahead which can happen if you can plan it today and have your horoscope.

As we are moving faster towards the New Year 2018, I am doing a special where I will offer an advanced horoscope for” Do & Don’ts for 2018”. This works a bit as a preventative shield for us. Treat you and your loved ones to this unique New Year gift.

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