Sunday 5 March 2017

Litigation and its connection with your horoscope.

Litigation and its connection with your horoscope.

No-one ever wants "Litigation" and if we do some research before then it can be certainly avoided or we can reduce its bad effect.

When observing Litigation and the effects astrology plays regarding litigation we should observe the following house from horoscope: -

1) The 1st house represents the native and it is very important to know the main strength of the horoscope.

2) The 6th house is the prime house for disturbance and dispute. A malefic 6th house causes litigation and the position of all planets in the horoscope affects results.

3) The 7th house represents the strength of the opposition which can bring trouble during the course of litigation, and this house is very important from a compatibility point of view. Marriage also depends on the 7th house.

4) The 8th house shows the path of litigation which means how many difficulties one can face during the course of litigation.

4) The 12th house represents jail or prison or loss in litigation or winning a litigation battle.

Note: - It's very important to see strengths and weaknesses in the placement of planetary positions to judge the results. If anyone wishes to know about their horoscope and connection outcomes regarding litigation or would like to know any other questions, then feel free to message me.

DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and an astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.

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