Friday 31 March 2017

"Obesity" is a big trouble in your mind?

"Obesity" is a big trouble in your mind?
Everybody in living on earth wants to look good whether he or she are children or in their 40s or in 80s.
Age doesn't matter here at all as the thing only which matters is how do I look and what others think about me.
Being a human being did you ever thought that planets play a significant role which can make one fat or one can be thin.
Today I would like to bring out the very important correlation between planets and obesity.
Planet Jupiter which rules one's body to retain fat is solely responsible for our obesity.
Afflicted Jupiter never treated as a good sign according to astrology as it affects us in different ways. Our eating habits are interlinked with planet Jupiter and it is also concerned with Moon.
If they both are placed negatively in one's chart then it can make us fat and can lead to many unwanted diseases as an afflicted Moon control destroys one's thoughts and afflicted Jupiter adds all negative colors in one's life.
Wise people always knows how to proceed in their life in a similar manner you should be wise when it comes to your body and life as adopting astrology can become very beneficial in your life in the later stage of life.
If you are looking to have your own personalised horoscope or want to know when you can start your diet schedule then I would say "be wise as you are wiser in your other daily activities as adoption today can make your life better tomorrow.
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