Thursday 4 August 2016

Mark Zuckerberg :- The man behind Facebook, who changed computers world with his innovation and connected world in a finger tip.

Mark Zuckerberg:- The man behind Facebook, who changed computers world with his innovation and connected world in a finger tip.

Date of Birth: - 14/May/1984
Time of Birth: - 05:38 hours
Place of Birth: - White Plains, NY, USA
(Source Internet)
Planetary Combination
Planet       Sign             Degree        Lord
Ascendant    Aries            28:35         Mars
Sun          Taurus           00:08         Venus
Moon         Libra            19:44         Venus
Mars (R)     Libra            26:07         Venus
Mercury      Aries            05:36         Mars
Jupiter(R)   Sagittarius      18:59         Jupiter
Venus        Aries            21:22         Mars
Saturn(R)    Libra            18:37         Venus
Rahu (R)     Taurus           12:56         Venus
Ketu (R)     Scorpio          12:56         Mars

It’s all about Saturn and Venus. Saturn is extremely strong in sign Libra which is ruled by Venus. Saturn becomes exalted in Libra and both planets enjoy a friendly relationship with each other.

Exalted Saturn is a wonderful combination and if person haves Saturn transit in his or her early part of life then its results are wonderful. Exalted Saturn makes a person extremely fortunate and that person attains big name and fame in society. Mark had been Saturn transit of 19 years which is an awesome transit for him.

Saturn     21/09/2000-21/09/2019
Saturn     21/09/2000 25/09/2003
Mercury    25/09/2003 04/06/2006
Ketu       04/06/2006 14/07/2007
Venus      14/07/2007 12/09/2010
Sun        12/09/2010 25/08/2011
Moon       25/08/2011 25/03/2013
Mars       25/03/2013 04/05/2014
Rahu       04/05/2014 10/03/2017
Jupiter    10/03/2017 21/09/2019

Mark Zuckerberg is under the transit of Rahu (Sub Transit) with Saturn which is a very good period for Mark Zuckerberg. Overall the period till Sep 2019 is excellent for him.

Will make the new connection all over the world. Money wise there is no problem at all and the period until 2019 is awesome. Health is a concern in this period. Should take more precaution for his health.

I only see problems in his health otherwise everything is excellent in his horoscope, health problems related to stomach and eyes. Mark should wear a Diamond on his ring finger of 5 carats of weights.

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