Wednesday 31 August 2016

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 

I would like to thanks everyone for reading my blog and I proudly say that my blog today crossed a magical figure of  20,000/-plus visitors and counting. It's all because of your love and belief in me and this happened in less than 1 year.

As we all know they are 12 signs and each sign is ruled by different planets. Today I am writing to give an information to my readers who read my blog regarding a condition of the planet which is RETROGRADE.

Retrograde meaning from a  layman is  "Planets moves one step back". I talked to many people and most replied me back with a reply that they are facing certain conditions because of RETROGRADE of certain planets, here I differ from their point of view and wants to say that movement of planets occurs on day to day basis, movement hardly affects us, no astrologer in this earth can predict such movements nor me, as there are 12 zodiac signs and many countries and different culture and big population so how can say planet retrograde affects millions, billions or trillions or more than that in the same way, it's impossible and all who are claiming to predict for a certain planetary position for a large number of people is all false claims.

Mercury is retrograde from 31/08/2016 and no doubts there is an effect of it but merely saying from sun sign point of view is totally wrong as an astrologer its my duty to guide my visitors and help them to come out from a point of view which is made to earn money, I am also a professional and never claims such things.

Some get scared from planets like Saturn or Mars  but if these planets are placed well in a horoscope then they can change our life. If someone claims for 12 signs we should use that information for only 5 percent and should not take the things for granted as that information is 12 zodiac sign is also available on the internet, then why to consult an astrologer? As an astrologer, I can say with full confidence that Mercury Retrograde will only affect us depends on our horoscope and it can be good or bad and we can't judge anything from any change in planetary position as planets change there position in a similar way we change our clothes, so impact can only be judge from native horoscope and nothing can be judged from 12 zodiac signs.

I invite any astrologer from the world to have an open discussion with me over this point of view, I may not have the same age or experience but I am open to learning, anything new.

DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and the astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.

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Manchanda Karan

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