Saturday 23 July 2016

Trying to bring in your notice that if in future Jill Stein is required to support then she will support whom?

If Jill Stein is required to support another candidate then who she will she supports?

Here is my numerological interpretation of who Jill Stein will support for the president.


Now, if we look at Numerology, then we have to first take the date of birth of all three candidates.

As I had previously mentioned in my blog dated 21-05-2016, Donald Trump may very well be the next elected President/Potus.

Here is a link:

We will use the following numerology method for calculating the birthdates of all three presidential candidates:

Name                         DOB                        Total
1) Donald Trump           14-06-1946                     31
2) Hillary Clinton        26-10-1947                     30
3) Jill Stein             14-05-1950                     25

So, if we see          - 31 which means 3+1=4.
                       - 30 which means 3+0=3.
                       - 25 which means 2+5=7.

The compatibility analysis for all three numbers looks like this:
Number 4 has very good compatibility with number 7. Whereas number 3 does not have a good compatibility. Simply said, Donald Trump will receive support from Jill Stein. Number 3, which is of Hillary Clinton will not receive favours from number 7 or Jill Stein.        

I would also like to say that Stein will support and campaign if required only for Donald Trump which will be a TRUMPCARD for Mr DONALD TRUMP.

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