Monday 21 March 2016



As my earlier post suggest that chances of two major candidates are Hillary Clinton(Democrats)vs Donald. J.Trump(Republican).

Today I am going to analyse for the likely outcome for March 22&26.

Planetary position for the particular period - Sun in Pisces,  Moon in Leo, Mercury in Pisces,  Mars in Scorpio,  Jupiter in Leo,  Venus in Aquarius,  Saturn in Scorpio,  Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius.

Now coming to the analysis for Donald. J.Trump,  I don't see even there is a need to analyse his chart again and again as he is a clear cut winner like a horse running the race alone. One can say him as Under Dog, as he is surprising all in the world and this only because the placement of his Rahu and he is under the transit of Rahu which is very auspicious for him.

Now coming back to the Democrats side,  there is huge population who are in favour of Hillary Clinton and huge in the favour of Bernie Sanders,  but why the results is coming in favour of Madam Clinton, as she even won neck to neck competition in IOWA Primary by tossing a coin,  this is a huge blessings by God,  if winner are decided in this way then anyone can understand that whose luck is in favour.
Now coming to 22 and 26 MARCH the history is going to repeat once again and Madam Clinton is going to win most states compares to Bernie Sanders this is because Bernie Sanders is under the Saturn Dhaiya which is going to end in May,  and according to the analysis Saturn is going to end the dream for Bernie Sanders and all opportunities will be in the hand of Madam Clinton. And again to remind all my readers Madam Clinton is having a Raj Yoga which is very auspicious. And she is going to get what she wants and if we compare the chart of two front runner for The Democrats she have a very good chart and have an advantage compares to Bernie Sanders.

Disclaimer - This is a calculation based on planet's and nothing personal as no responsibility lies with the astrologer.

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