Thursday 17 March 2016



How your day is going to be? Is it good or bad there are many questions in our mind? That's why we want to know that which day is lucky for us and which day is unlucky.

Here is a solution for all who are reading this page and are interested to know their DAY -TO -DAY ANALYSIS in advance and make the best use of the opportunities. Advanced analysis can convert bad luck into good luck and make the day happy.

For this, you may contact me on very reasonable charges of USD 20.You may also contact me for complete:- 1) Horoscope Reading @ USD 150.2) Match Making @ USD 110.3) Gemstone Report with full Transit analysis @ USD 125.4) Health Report + Remedy @ USD 80.5) Career Report + Remedy @ USD 80.6) Business Report + Remedy @ USD 80.7) Marriage Report + Remedy @ USD 80.8) SATURN ANALYSIS Report for 19 years or for SadeSati(7.5 years) or for Dhaiya (2.5 years) + Remedy for USD 110.9) Manglik consideration (MARS) Report + Remedy for USD 80.10) Education Report + Remedy for USD 80.

DISCLAIMER -Every reading is based on calculation and the astrologer is only a person and not a God so no responsibility lies with the astrologer.
Please include your date & time of birth including the location in your initial email to me. Fees are contingent on your requirements and will be divulged at our preliminary meeting via email.
Payments for fees are made through PayPal.
If you do not have PayPal, I would be happy to send a link or we can make other arrangements.
Karan Manchanda

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