Sunday 28 February 2016




Thanks to all for liking my page.  Today I am trying to analyse about USA Primary Election outcome for Super Tuesday i.e for 1 March 2016.

Moon is going to enter in Scorpio and will join Mars and Saturn from 29 FEBRUARY 2016 the day which is known as Leap Year. Other important planet's for Super Tuesday are Jupiter is conjuct with Rahu and are in Leo,  while Mercury is in Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn,  Sun is in Aquarius with Ketu which means opposite to Jupiter and Rahu.

So, for Mr. Trump, my answer is that he is going to be strong and in my opinion he is running the race for the presidential candidate alone.

Now coming to Democrats where there is a competition between the two major candidates,  Now the question arises that on this Super Tuesday who is going to win.

According to my analysis and which is totally based on the position on planet's, Madam Clinton is going to win most of the states,  chances of her winning are 60-70 percent in 12 states which means she is going to win atleast 7-9 states from 12 states as she is under Moon transit with Jupiter and most of her planet's are very strong as compare to Bernie Sanders, so if  I say that this SUPER TUESDAY is going to be a LUCKY TUESDAY FOR MADAM CLINTON.

Disclaimer - This reading is based on astrology calculation and nothing personal and no responsibility lies on the predication made.

Aachraya Karan

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