Sunday 23 September 2018

Game on!

Game on!

Planet Venus takes almost 225 days to revolve around the Sun. Planet Venus rules love; relationship, luxuries, desires, comfort, pleasure etc.  This means sentiments are involved in a big way.  What can happen if the planet of love & desires moves retrograde?

When Venus turns retrograde we can expect to see changes in our love relationships – married and unmarried. Love and sex are two critical terms in one's life. We are human beings and have few desires inside us which need to be accomplished during a certain period. Love and sex both hold different meanings for different individuals. There are just a few ways in astrology to see the physical life and relationship status and true love.

Love and Romance: Planets which are associated with the 5th house or its lord brings love and romance in our life.

Fulfilment of Relationship: Planets which are associated with the 11th house or its lord.

Venus goes into retrogression mode from 05th Oct 2018 to 16th Nov 2018 and will be conjunct with its biggest enemy planet Jupiter. Additionally, Venus will transit Scorpio sign on 11th Oct 2018 for 15 days. This means 42 days of hell in overall. How will it impact you?

In simple words, it will be planet Venus Vs Jupiter, and we cannot forget the ongoing Mars transit. Here it is important to mention that handful of people are aware of a fact that planet Venus for males and planet Mars for females play a role for extramarital affairs and these 42 days can become a reason for your loving spouse or partner (man or woman) to engage in extramarital affairs. This period can bring fights, ego clashes and ditching etc. 

Time for caution otherwise you may lose your partner. There is a saying which I always believe and quote which is: “It’s better late than never”. Consult me on time and plan well for this phase. Every sign will be impacted and mostly love life will be impacted.  

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