Tuesday 13 March 2018

Name game connection with success

Let’s change our name or should we?
We all know the alphabet, vowels and consonants, but were you aware that each letter also has one unique number? Were you also aware numbers which correlate with the letters in our names also correlate with the planets?
You might be surprised to learn this if you didn’t know it already. Allow me to share with you the correlation between numbers, letters and planets. I will further explain the effects these have with our planets astrologically.
A - Number 1
B - Number 2
C - Number 3
D - Number 4
E - Number 5
F - Number 8
G - Number 3
H - Number 5
I -  Number 1
J -  Number 1
K - Number 2
L - Number 3
M -Number 4
N -Number 5
O -Number 7
P -Number 8
Q -Number 1
R -Number 2
S -Number 3
T -Number 4
U -Number 6
V -Number 6
W -Number 6
X -Number 5
Y -Number 1
Z -Number 7
Let’s suppose a person is named John Miller (Imaginary name) and his lucky number comes out to be Number 01 (This needs to be calculated by applying a certain formula and techniques).
Let’s see if his name suits him with the lucky number we calculated. So below we will check what it says.
Calculation of Name:
John Miller = Number 9 (1+7+5+5 + 4+1+3+3+5+2)
Calculation of Lucky Number: Number 1 (Done after analyzing detailed horoscope)
After analyzing the Number 1, and a reputable astrologer knows 1 is ruled by the Sun and the number 9 (name number) is also ruled by the planet Mars. This signifies an overshadow of John Miller’s real talents. He might not be able to meet his true potentials because the Sun and planet Mars are compatible, yet opposite. Mars is selfish, and the Sun is truthful. Both contain extreme anger which can make one’s inner thoughts clash. Further disallowing achievements of success or less success. Though John Miller deserves more, and his planets also indicate more, this clash between Mars and the Sun will lend the opposite effect.
Maybe you’re wondering; ‘what can be done?’. John Miller can't change his date of birth for sure, but maybe he can use optional names. With one name there are many sentiments involved so most hesitate to change their name. To ease up this pressure an astrologer can work like this:
Option A
John Miler: Number 6 (1+7+5+5+4+1+3+5+2), here it becomes a bad idea to write spellings in such a way as the Sun and Venus are enemies.
Option B
Johnn Miller: Number  (1+7+5+5+5 + 4+1+3+3+5+2), here if we add one more alphabet which is "N" at the end of John and make it like "JOHNN" then the number which comes to be is 'Number 5' which is a favorable number and matches with Number 1.
Due to this combination, JOHNN MILLER achieves the desired success and opportunity he deserves, and he will be able to overcome in all possible ways.  The best period for him will be under Jupiter and the Sun transit. 

Do you know your numbers? What is in your destiny? What is your life path? To learn more, and have your numerological evaluation, contact me.

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