Tuesday 27 February 2018

Alcohol connection with Astrology

Alcohol connection with Astrology

We often think about how we can get rid of alcohol. Today I'm telling you how alcohol can benefit you if you are an alcoholic person.

People can get good luck by consuming alcohol and this can happen if the planets mentioned below mentioned are placed well in their horoscopes.

I would like to mention the facts, how a person consumes alcohol. There are certain occasions to consume alcohol which can help a person to get the good luck in their life. There are n numbers of occasion like on a business meet or events which are valuable to make successful.

Saturn and Rahu are the two planets, which are karmic planets. These planets are involved in the judgment on a person’s drinking habits and routines.

Those who drink heavily, usually gets bad results after drinking alcohol because of bad placements in their horoscopes.

Let's see which planets are associated with alcohol and what they can do in our life.

1. Saturn and Venus - If these two planets are placed together in one's horoscope or have some connection together in any form or shape then drinking Scotch acts as the most powerful way during some special occasions to enhance good luck and bring results in your favor.  Those who can afford scotch are mostly people who are capable enough to own it and can get great benefit during the time they need that perfectly.

 2.  Saturn - One should stop drinking local whiskey or substandard whiskey if planet Saturn is placed badly in your horoscope. If Saturn has any bad influence then drinking alcohol can even become a reason for any kind of worse situation in one's life. 

3. Rahu- We have mostly seen teenagers who are attracted towards beer and they mostly stop studying and gets distracted. The reason here is Rahu, which results for all those kind of breaks and makes one fond of beer. No doubt if they drink occasionally then it will bring good results if the placement is good but excessive drinking can lead to mental distraction and trouble.

4. Red Wine - Here planets like Mars and Saturn are involved. Both are the enemy planets but the involvement of them together can become a good sign, if they are placed well. I can say here that those who like red wine are the people who are short-tempered and quickly hyper or can get panic attacks.  If you have such qualities then it means either Mars or Saturn, any one of them is not placed at the right place in your horoscope then you should stop drinking red wine to end those bad results.

5. Vodka or light drinks - Here planet Saturn and the Moon are involved. The moon which controls emotions and thoughts gets worse impact if one starts the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, due to the dominance of Saturn one can lose the good gesture which will result in hurting someone’s sentiment. No doubt if you do this then someday a payback will come to you because of Saturn, which gives results for every seed a person sows. It’s like what goes that comes back.

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