Sunday 8 October 2017

Revenge “Is it really sweet”?

Revenge “Is it really sweet”?

People often remain in anger until they evoke some form of revenge on the person who has hurt or offended them. Thoughts of revenge occur because we may dislike something or someone has hurt or offended us badly. Do people really consider the consequences of their revenge?

Planetary positions play a key role in identifying people with a vindictive nature. The weakness of Sun in a person’s chart can show the potential of someone going to jail. The combination of planets with Rahu and Ketu in a person’s chart can influence someone to do huge sins during anger. If negative planets are in placement with Moon during certain transits, this could potentially afflict a person’s reasoning. The 11th house plays a key role to identify the outcome after acts of revenge.

If there is the placement of more than one planet in the 11th house and the 11th house is damaged then one will potentially go to any extent during anger. As in my earlier article, I explained about how Moon controls emotions. If there is bad placement with Moon then it can lead to mass destruction.

To avoid the hardships and struggle I would advise everyone to know how these placements can impact you and if there are certain placements in your horoscope. You can definitely take precautions. To have your horoscope analysis, you can always book a schedule with me.

Disclaimer: Please note that astrology readings are for fun and recreation and are not considered a final resolution to pending issues. Consultations are at your own risk and we cannot be held responsible for any results of your decisions. Being an astrologer, here I would bring in the notice to everyone that everything which happens in our life has some reason which we can correlate with planetary movements and sure can get results which can definitely give us the guidance to win from any situation.

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