Thursday 17 November 2016

The Moon And Your Health

The Moon  And Your Health

The moon plays a vital role in deciding the best time to have any medical or dental procedure.
For example, if a person has surgery within the 5 days before and within 5 days after a full moon, he or she, can anticipate increased swelling in the area of their body which is intended to have medical or dental work. Consider that the moon stays in a sign for a certain amount of time, so this could either be a great time or bad time to have the medical or dental procedure you require.

Each sign rules a particular organ of the body, and it is ill advised to have surgery when the moon is sitting in a sign that rules the part of the body you intend to have surgery on. For example, Leo rules the heart,pericardium and muscles of the back. So when the moon is transiting through Leo - its not an ideal time to have surgery on the aforementioned extremities and organs. Saturn also plays a vital role in health conditions.

Of course, we must also consider if the moon is sitting in a fixed or mutable sign and the moon's
course. Some medications are also ill advised depending on the moon's placement and can increase the likelihood of ill affects if taken during certain moon transits.

If certain planets are retrograde this can affect the surgeon or dentist's performance,scheduling delays and miscommunications between the patient and medical staff.

In some instances we have no choice in emergency situations and must proceed with receiving medical attention. If you anticipate having surgery or a dental procedure, and would like to know the best time to schedule it for the best results, please contact me for a consultation.

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