Monday 26 September 2016

World biggest stock exchange NYSE main constitutes DOW JONES analysis.

World’s biggest stock exchange NYSE main constitutes "Dow Jones" analysis. 

Planets play a significant role in every aspect of our life. If we talk about utilizing astrology for financial gain then we need to check planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Moon.

Bringing more light for NYSE(NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE) let’s check -

Date of origin - 17.05.1792

Time of origin - 10.10 am 

Place of origin- New York, USA.

Current planetary position-

Mercury in Mercury transit started from 28.05.2016 - 28.10.2018.

Dow Jones closing on 27.05.2016 (Friday) "17,873.22".

Dow Jones closing on 23.09.2016 (Friday) "18261.45".

This  is a period for consolidation and no big return can be expected. If someone invests in stocks, then the person may expect handsome returns.

I personally feel this because Mercury is placed in Taurus and conjunct with Sun which means no big return can be expected from the major stock exchanges. There are big chances for a collapse and the market can turn into a corrective mode.

Those who are into the stock market must check their planetary position as if their planets are placed badly then are chances for unexpected losses as expecting returns from the index point of view is not suggested from this current planetary position.  Those who are doing technical analysis then level for 17,800 can be use as a stop-loss in the longer term. 

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