Thursday 22 September 2016

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separation.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separation.  

Compatibility Details for the hottest couple in the world, unfortunately, their marriage failed, but why? Are this is in their horoscope?  

Let's analyse as follow- 

Brad Pitt                                       Angelina Jolie

18.12.1963                                      04.06.1975

6:31 am                                         9:09 am 

Shawnee                                         Los Angeles,  

OK, USA                                         CA, USA 

                 Current Transit Report 

Brad Pitt                                         Angelina Jolie

Jupiter with 
Mars                                 Sun with Mars 

Keeping the things simple for all my audience I'm going to focus on the Nadi analysis, which is a very important point to judge longevity for the native in a compatibility reading.

If we do the analysis, then we have 0 (zero) points out of 8 (eight) points. Which speaks the whole case why this marriage failed. They both come into "Antya Nadi" means ego is a big problem,no doubt that they enjoyed a wonderful relationship in the past and this is all because of the "Bhakoot” Analysis where they both enjoyed 7 out of 7 marks - which is fantastic.

However, considering longevity then we need to analyse Nadi where they failed and didn't score any marks. Why did their marriage ended today and not before? The answer here is very simple and all credit goes to planet Mars. Both celebrities are into the sub transit of Mars. If we check Brad Pitt’s horoscope then his Mars is combust and is in the sign of Sagittarius.

Whereas, Angelina Jolie’s Mars is placed in Pisces. Her Mars is more powerful and strong if we compare both horoscopes.

Here to mention that Mars is located in the house of Jupiter  in both horoscopes that are Pisces, making a very good case for misunderstanding, problems,  ego clashes etc which resulted in separation. Angelina Jolie took this bold step because she is very daring and does all those things which she seems to be  correct.

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